December 15, 2020

Tomorrow..Al Talaa Championship Reaches Its Final Stage

The competition of Qatar National Day Falconry Championship 2020 witnessed the final round of Al Talaa championship qualifiers

in Sabkhat Marmi at Sealine, that reaches its final stage on Wednesday 16th December 2020.


Six participants, among 41-47 groups, were qualified this morning period, to reach the total number of qualified for the semifinal round to 32 qualified. Those are Alshaqab team (Saqran) includes Sayer Bashitan Al-Shammari and Rashid Omar Al-Hamidi (Saqran), then barzan team.

The semi-final round competition takes place this morning among the 32 competitors, in Al Talaa championship in Sabkhat Marmi at Sealine city.

Yesterday evening, a draw among the finalists, was held to determine their positions in the groups.

The participants in the championship were keen to adhere to the necessary and precautionary measures to prevent Corona virus (Covid 19).

The competition of Qatar National Day Falconry Championship consists of: Al Talaa competition, Young Falconer Competition, in addition to Free Chick, Free Qarnas, Qarnas Shaheen, Free Gir Chick, Qarnas Gir Free, Gir Shaheen Chick, Qarnas Gir Shaheen, as well as the elite round for which the winners qualify-the top five- in Free Qarnas, Free Chick and Qarnas Shaheen.

It is worth mentioning that, Qatari Society of AlGannas allocated a number of prizes for the top fifth winners, in all competitions, of Qatar National Day Falconry Championship