December 15, 2022

The Secret of Darb Al-Saai’s Success.. In a meeting with the General Supervisor of National Day Celebrations

The General Supervisor of National Day celebrations Dr. Ghanem Mubarak Al-Ali said that the World Cup has enriched this version of Darb Al-Saai, and has been acclaimed by citizens, residents and fans of the tournament. In particular, it provided an opportunity to learn about Qatari heritage through artistic cultural tours that reflect Qatari heritage and national values, as well as sports events and live streaming of the World Cup matches on the giant screens in Darb Al-Saai.

Al-Ali added that this year’s headquarters design came to highlight the original Qatari architectural heritage in a modern, creative tone, noting that from the outset it has been taken into account that each corner should have its own characteristics, the market area is different from the restaurants area, as well as other corners that have their own distinctive nature to offer. He cooperated with the competent authorities in this regard, who in turn were keen to highlight Qatar’s distinctive architecture throughout Darb Al-Saai, and oversee the implementation to ensure the visibility of the country’s identity, while adding modern touches of a traditional nature, Noting that Qatari yard “Al-Hoosh”, entrance gates, and the special suites, although given a distinctive heritage character, left room for modification and development by the exhibitors themselves and were suited to what they offer in their own space.

Dr. Ghanem Mubarak Al-Ali explained that almost all events contain interactive activities aimed at the child and family, such as: popular games in Al-Hoosh event, activities and competitions aimed at familiarizing the new generation with Qatari heritage on land and sea through Al-Bidaa, Al-Muqtar and Al-Azba events, as well as the shooting event and horse riding in Al-Shaqab, children’s art workshops, puppet theatre, football and open games areas, as well as cultural and environmental events through which zoos are introduce the Qatari environment.


As for the unique aspect presented by Darb Al-Saai this year in coinciding with the World Cup, he said “The Doha Stadium event, which constitutes the sandy football field area for children, a fan arena, and various food carts, has been strengthened with a large display screen that transports all World Cup matches, and distributed on Darb Al-Saai’s premises where you could watch all World Cup matches.


On the attractions relied upon to achieve a strong presence of citizens, residents and fans during the World Cup, he said “The diversity of events was the key to this great success of Darb Al-Saai from its first day. The high turnout we saw during the current version is a result of the diverse events that satisfied various tastes, and attracted a large segment of the public, and there is no doubt that the availibility of transportation and easy access to the venue is a solid contributor to attracting the public. Visitors were able to take a bus from Al-Rayyan Metro Station with ease, where a bus is available every half an hour, as well as making multiple other services available to the public on their way.