Program and Events

This year witnesses organizing several historical & cultural of programs, events, and seminars that will be broadcasted on Doha 360 website.


All these programs and events will be held distinctively to highlight the significance of Qatar National Day, as a distinctive national occasion for all people in Qatar.

Also, as a day to strengthen the national affiliation and loyalty.

In addition, to express all aspects of solidarity, unity, and pride in Qatar national identity inspired by its original values extended since the founding of the state.


Doha 360 is a modern online platform, and it is an innovative youth website. It reflects spirituality of Qatar society, and carries national & cultural values that are full of youth spirit.


In contributes to the community development journey of a healthy society at both intellectually and physically. Thus, one of main goals of Doha 360 platform is to spread the culture of Qatar community. It is the culture of patriotism of all what it carries of being pride of authentic past, present, and future.


Doha 360 seeks to encourage all people in Qatar (citizens and residents) to participate to represent a community that is appreciated by all, and admired of this pioneering website, and that is due to its source of inspiration by introducing a new network of programs in terms of thought and content, also via live steam of the most important events.

Corniche Events

National Parade

The national march is held in the Corniche every year on December 18th with a big show oftroops in various military sectors and events reflecting the history and heritage of the State of Qatar.

Fireworks (Al Sharakhiat)

Fireworks are held at the Corniche as part of National Day events on December 18, in celebration of the National Day of the State of Qatar.

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