December 11, 2022

Interactive competitions attract visitors to the Environment Pavilion of Darb Al-Saai

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change pavilion in Darab Al-Saai is heavily attended by visitors who participate in various activities organized by the pavilion from competitions, educational seminars and more. The pavilion offers activities such as daily competitions for young people on environmental protection and recycling. The Ministry’s participation in Darb Al-Saai is represented in Al-Rawda event, where the ward of the Ministry has four sections: A corner with trees and plants, while other sections contain “Arabian oryx, Al-Reem deer, Ostrych, rabbits and wild reptiles”. The sections are named after country regions: Mazra ‘at al-Sulaimi, al-Rim Reserve Area, al-Araq District and Rawda al-Mayda Area. Screens were also set up to feature films in the Ministry’s efforts to preserve the country’s environment and improve its wildlife.

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change is participating this year for the first time in collaboration with the Scientific Club with distinguished events in Darb Al-Saai, including the initiative to reuse plastics by providing an electric scooter that collects plastic bottles from the public for recycling. In addition to organizing recycling competitions and innovation culture, these competitions are held daily with a range of questions about the Qatari environment and the use of technology culture in environmental development, with the aim of enhancing the skills of scientific research and knowledge of the Qatari environment and its contents, as well as organizing interactive scientific experiments using natural materials, a workshop on sustainable development goals, and a robot as a container for plastic collections.