November 30, 2022

Thrilling Songs Sparkle Darb Al-Saai with a Sporting Spirit

Amid remarkable public interaction, the 4th seminar held at Darb Al-Saai under the title “Thrilling Songs with a Sporting Spirit”. The artists Ali Abdel Sattar and the poet Shihab Al-Shamrani have participated in that seminar, and the journalist Adel Abdullah has moderated the seminar.

The star of the Qatari song, Ali Abdel Sattar, presented a number of his sports songs amid the interaction and enthusiasm of the audience, who were filled the main stage at Darb Al-Saai. The thing that made the children to go up to the stage, and join him in singing some of the songs.

During the seminar, the poet Shihab Al-Shamrani recited a number of his poems that attracted the audience’s attention, especially those with poetic taste. These poems evoked the national vibes witnessed by the the State of Qatar to enhance the national identity and to reflect  the authentic Qatari heritage, in addition to evoking the vibes of the World Cup.

The artist, Ali Abdel Sattar, emphasized that the sports song has a great influence in arousing enthusiasm among the fans and players. Pointing to his completion of four new sports songs recently, one of which was produced by the Ministry of Culture. He also thanked HE Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Hamad Al Thani , Minister of Culture, for his support in producing that song.

He described the song “Hyw Fariqi” (Cheer for my team) as a great success once it was broadcasted.

The poet Shehab Al-Shamrani emphasized that the song directed to the national team is distinguished and it can include some national aspects, unlike the song directed to sports clubs, which doesn’t have that aspect.

He stressed the importance of the sports song avoiding imitation and stereotypes, and achieving its independence, whether with regard to the songs’ words, melody or singing, in order to be successful. Pointing  that the song does not necessarily have to be a copy of other songs.

Shehab Al-Shamrani said that the success of the sports song depends on the extent of its continuity, and that therefore the songs of the artist Ali Abdel Sattar are timeless as they have achieved great success due to its spread and continuity.