December 14, 2021

Thirty Four events kicked off in Al Wakra Old Souq and Aspire Park today

Today, for 5 days, various festive heritage activities will be held in the old Souq Al-Wakra and Aspire Park. The activities are organized by the National Day Celebrations Organizing Committee, and the events will continue until the 18th of this December, while the National Day activities will continue at Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Development. Society within the framework of the «Dreisha» festival. The old Souq Al-Wakra includes 16 activities, namely: theatre, Al-Akkas, Plastic Art, Al-Nahham, Al-Farij Museum, Al-Nokhatha Majlis, Al-Nukhatha Majlis, Al-Hadaq on the sword, camel riding, marine and Al-Mutawa, Al-Dama Majlis, modern sailing boats, Question and Information competition, Al-Izbah Majlis, folk games and goat milker competition.


Many activities are also launched in Aspire Park, including 18 various activities, namely: Al Maqtar, Al Ezbah Majlis, Camel Riding, Plastic Art, Standing Riding Competition, Golden Seconds Activity, Challenge Square, Wahaqa Game, Bow and Arrow, Safety and Safety Figures, Motion Competitions Playground, Waad Al Qased, Qatar Charity Theater, and an event for Naghni.