December 8, 2022

The event “Al-Bidaa” reflects the heritage of the marine environment

The event “Al-Bidaa” reflects the heritage of the marine environment:


The Al-Bidaa event in Darb Al-Saai brings us to an ancient history that recalls Qatar’s maritime heritage, and how the “Majlis” was the ideal place and the main resort for the people then, due to its political and social role in entertainment. The organizing committee for the National Day events was keen to reflect a vivid image of Qatar’s maritime heritage. This event provides a model for the lives of the people of the sea both on diving voyages in search of pearls and after their return from fishing.

Mr. Nasser bin Mubarak Al-Khalifi, Chairman of the Al-Bidaa event at Darb Al-Saai, stressed that it has a message to the public from around the world that the State of Qatar adheres to its identity and heritage, especially the “Majis”, which expresses and confirms the generosity of the people of Qatar and their authentic traditions.