July 14, 2021

Round-the-clock preparations underway for launch of Qatar National Day (QND) celebrations

The Qatar National Day Celebrations Organizing Committee (QNDCOC) continues to work around the clock to prepare for the activities and events to take place at QND 2021. The QNDCOC’s persistent efforts have continued apace since the start of the year to ensure that the State’s National Day is marked with pride and dignity.

These efforts are undertaken in coordination with the State’s partner bodies and entities, all working together to make sure that the celebrations meet the highest standards possible for this historic event. These partnerships also reflect the importance of this event to Qatar’s citizens and residents.

Throughout the year, this coordination is in full swing to consider past activities and prepare for what is to come, by strengthening the positives and avoiding the negatives, conveyed through solid determination and concerted efforts. The aim is to promote values of belonging, loyalty, and national identity, taking into account the achievement of the highest quality standards.

The QNDCOC readies its plan of action with the activities meeting aspirations for the QND in mind, working strategically to ensure not only the momentary joy of participating in these events but also the lasting impact of these activities. This is made as part of the QNDCOC’s vision of promoting loyalty, solidarity, unity and pride in the national identity of the State of Qatar, and affirming its values of participation, inspiration, creativity and transparency.

The slogan for this year’s National Day, “Ancestral Meadows: A Matter of Trust,” reflects the extent to which the State’s leadership is keen on preserving and conserving the environment. It also aims to promote the encourage the emotional connection between Qataris and their environment, stemming from Qataris’ connection to their homeland, and from their feelings of belonging and loyalty.

Believing in the importance of community participation and cooperation with various ministries and state institutions, the QNDCOC is working day and night to devise a plan that takes into consideration the Covid-19 pandemic, in order to guarantee the health and safety of participants and attendees.

Artistic works will feature in this year’s QND to reflect the country’s vision, embody the slogan, as well as support and solidify the national identity. Production will be coordinated between Qatar’s Cultural and Heritage Events Center (QCHEC) and the Doha 360 platform (National Day Channel).

Mr. Hasan b. Rashid al-Ajmi
QNDCOC’s Supervisor and QCHEC’s Director