December 17, 2020

Qatar National Day Falconry Championship (2020) concludes with the crowning of all winners

The Qatar National Day Falconry Championship (2020), that organized by the Qatari Society of Al Gannas with the support of the Organizing Committee of Qatar National Day Celebrations 2020 and under the supervision of the Qatar Center for Cultural and Heritage Events, concluded its activities y
esterday evening in Sabkhat Marmi at Sealine and Aba Al Qararis at Al khor.

The last day of the tournament witnessed strong competition in the final of Al Talaa competition during the morning period  in Sabkhat Marmi at Sealine. In addition, it witnessed thrilled competitions in the final of Al Dawtournament, where the falcons for the first time reached in less than 16 seconds, especially via the falcon “Treff”, for the great falconer Abdulla Saeed Al Marri, that achieved a time of 15 seconds and 873 milliseconds, and gave it the title of Al Daw “Free Gir Chick” category.

At the end of the final competitions, the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Qatari Society of Al Gannas Muhammad bin Abdul Latif Al Misnad, crowned the winners in all competitions during the ceremony that attended by Mr. Salem bin Khajim Al-Athbi, the General Supervisor of Qatar National Day for falconry Championship.

The Qatar National Day Falconry Championship 2020 consists of the Young Falconer, the Promising Falconer, Talaa competition. In addition, to Al Dawo competitions including: Free Qarnas, Qarnas Shaheen, Free Gir Chick, Qarnas Gir Free, Gir Shaheen Chick, Qarnas Gir Free, Gir Shaheen Chick and Qarnas Gir Shaheen, then Al Nukhba round. Mr. Hassan Abdullah Al-Muhanadi won the Al Nukhba round and rewarded a Nissan Patrol Car.

The winners in the Young Falconer competition, from 6 – 10 years old, are: Jumaa Muhammad Al Kubaisi won the 1st place, and Mohammed Al Kubaisi won the 2nd place.Abdul Latif Khalid Al-Hamidi won 3rd place, Musnad Khalid Al-Hamidi won 4th place, and Abdullah Abdulaziz Al-Kuwari won 5th place.

In the competition of Promising Falconer (11-15 years), for the category Wokry, Alkobaj, (Al Qarmousha), Tamim Hamad Al- Mohannadi won the 1st and 2nd places, Hamad Rashid Al-Kaabi the 3rd place and Ahmed Abdulaziz Al-Musnad won the 4th place, then Muhammed Issa Al-Musalim of 5th place.

In the category of Al-Tabaa, Al-Jabaliya, (Al-Shuwaihina), Abdullah Mansour Al-Nuaimi won 1stplace, and Abdulaziz

Ali Al-Misnad won the 2nd and 3rd  places, where Abdullah Muhammad Al-Nuaimi won the 4th place, then Muhammad Mansour Al-Nuaimi in 5th place.