December 12, 2018

Opening of Darb Al Saai

DOHA: In an atmosphere charged with emotions of patriotism, pride and national identity, the Qatar National Day 2018 celebrations will kick off today at Darb Al Saai; the prime venue of Qatar National Day celebrations.

This year, national day celebrations are being marked under motto ‘As long as it was proven by our deeds … Qatar remains free’. The motto blends a verse taken from one of the poems by the Founder Sheikh Jassim bin Mohamed bin Thani with a phrase taken from the national anthem.


The events at Darb Al Saai are set to begin immediately after the official opening ceremony. It will start at 4pm today and will run until 11pm with raising the flag in the main square in the presence of representatives of the participating entities. The festivities will continue until December 20.


Dar Al Saai will welcome the visitors in the morning on December 13 from 9am to 1pm, while the evening activities will run from 3.30pm to 11pm.

December 14 (Friday) will be reserved for families from 2pm to 11pm while on December 15 families can visit in two dedicated timings; morning from 9am to 1pm, and evening from 3.30pm to 10pm.


Darb Al Saai will be open on the December 16 for all visitors during the morning period, which will start from 9am to 1pm, while the evening will be allocated for families from 3.30pm to 10pm.


On December 17, the morning hours will be from 9am to 1pm reserved only for families, while the evening will be allocated to women, from 3.30pm to 10pm.

On December 18, events will be available during the morning and evening periods for all visitors; the morning time from 9am to 1pm and from 3.30pm to 10pm.

On December 19, the morning timings will be open for women, from 9am to 1pm, while the evening time will be allocated for families from 3.30pm to 10pm.

On the last day (December 20), the morning hours will be reserved for families from 9am to 1pm, while the evening time will be opened for all, starting at 3.30pm and to be closed at 11pm.

The festivities at Darb Al Saai achieve the National Day vision by strengthening loyality, unity, and pride in Qatar’s national identity. They are also meant to commemorate the anniversary of the establishment of the State of Qatar by the Founder Sheikh Jassim bin Mohamed bin Thani.


Darb Al Saai means the ‘Route of the Messenger’ used by the delegates whom the country’s founder Sheikh Jassim bin Mohamed bin Thani would entrust to deliver his instructions and directives.


These men were known for their outstanding characteristic traits such as loyalty, obedience, courage and insight on account of which they were chosen to play such a sensitive role in those difficult times.


The courageous delegates could not have performed those missions unless they were well trained as camel riders, horse riders, sharp shooters, falconers, and above all, had diplomatic skills.


About 50 entities from government and non-government sector are participating in Darb Al Saai festivities and getting larger space this year, such as the Ministry of Interior, the Police College, and Kahramaa. Also the space of The Doha Pavilion tent will be increased, in addition to Mawater’s Classic cars.


Among the important entities participating in Darb Al Saai festivities are the Ministry of Interior which has eight departments participating in the event, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Defence, Police College, Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Ministry of Municipality and Environment, which its pavilion offers safe shopping, activities of the agricultural sector, effectiveness of hygiene, activities of the environmental sector etc.

The Organizing Committee for the National Day celebrations has allocated this year many parking spaces for visitors, including those with special needs, and for them wheelchair services will be available in cooperation with Ihsan – the Center for Empowerment and Elderly Care. Volunteers will also be provided to help them.

Nine gates have been allocated for the entry to Darb Al Saai. The signs are also provided to guide the public. Twelve signs were distributed at various locations in Darb Al Saai to provide all the comforts to visitors.

The Organizing Committee of the National Day celebrations has also provided parking for school buses, taking into account the safety standards for entry and exit of students and has also prepared sufficient traffic routes for entry and exit points of parking lots.

Among the activities is also included ‘Al Maqtar’ which is similar to the old desert lifestyle, where visitors can learn about the close proximity of their ancestors, as well as the activities associated with the activity such as birds, Qatari animals and ancient folk games.

The activity is further divided into chief’s house, house of daily life, house of wildlife, cultural competitions.

The Doha pavilion provides an opportunity for all institutions representing all sectors to participate and show their cultural activities to visitors.

There are also activities of Al Rail, a special event for families and children, is being presented for this experience. The Qatar Rail project is in line with the State of Qatar’s endeavor to achieve comprehensive development that requires offering a new modern means of transportation throughout the country. Visitors will also enjoy parade activity.

The activities at Darb Al Saai also include Al Shaqab, which offers pony rides, traditional show, children’s activities, games and various shows and demonstrations.

Also there is Al Liwan Women’s Tent, and this activity derives from Liwan, a name of the old Qatari dialect, still used, meaning ‘the central area between the rooms in the house’.

It is a special event for women and includes many different women’s activities.

Souq Waqif activity aims to provide the opportunity for the largest number of owners of the small projects to participate in this national exhibition.

In order to achieve social responsibility and paying attention to employees in Qatar, the Organizing Committee has also allocated gathering-points for workers in a bid to organize their entry and exit to the site with all facilities and services which will provide full comfort to employees at Dar Al Saai.

The Committee was keen to provide medical and ambulance services to the public in cooperation with a number of medical institutions to enhance the value of community participation in this national occasion.

In order to achieve the highest quality standards in the organization, the Committee trained hundreds of organizers to deal with the public and facilitate the movement of visitors.

The Committee constituted a trained team of public relations to receive VIP visitors. It also provided two mosques with larger areas for men and women, as well as has allocated rest rooms for the public in suitable areas for families.

Among the most important activities at Darb Al Saai are raising the flag and the activities of the educational sector, which include Ardat hal Qatar (it aims to raise the skills of children in performing Ardat dance), Qatar Debates, Ad Al Qaseed, Journalists of the Future and Sanad Qanuni (an activity which aims to raise legal awareness among students).

Also there is a good participation from Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities, a non-governmental humanitarian and development organization, where the priority was to assist children who were victims of crises and disasters.

Al Rayan Channel has also an activity which represents of allocating several programs specially designed for this occasion. Daily focus coverage will be on all the National Day events, whether in Darb Al-Saai or other celebration area