December 13, 2020

Launching Popular Games Competitions, During 2020 Qatar National Day Celebrations

The Organizing Committee of Qatar National Day has launched new competitions of popular games, during 2020 Qatar National Day celebrations. They are heritage competitions that support and strengthen the national identity, as well as deepen the values of loyalty and belonging to the country, and enhance the values of participation in the activities of the National Day by spreading the culture of popular games.
During this competitive activity of 2020 Qatar National Day celebrations, both genders of students compete by presenting special video, in which they highlight their practices of a selected popular game. This kind of activity enhances the participation and spreads the culture of these kind of popular games among young people of both genders.  

This activity aims to enhance the student’s national identity, preserves the popular inherited of games related to the past of Qatar community, as well as strengthens the value of collaboration, self confidence, focus skills and teamwork.

In addition, this activity encourages participants to use alternatives games than the electronic ones and to create the games manually to improve participants’ creative skills, physical and mental power, talents and determination.

The total number of participated schools in this event reaches 40 schools, where 20 schools for boys and others for girls.

The total number of students participating in this event are estimated to be 2 students from each school. Whereas the number of selected games range from 5 – 6  games for boys and the same for girls, within a framework of diversity to introduce the largest number of games among students.