December 9, 2022

Heritage shops in Darb Al-Saai are very popular

The National Day Organizing Committee has set up a special corner for Qatar’s Oud, Musk and Qatari Teeb, where Qatari entrepreneurs specializing in the perfume industry receive special shops where they offer their products to visitors. In this regard, Mr. Yusef Ahmad Al-Kwari, an entrepreneuer in the industry, said: “It is remarkable that there is a large turnout of families, residents and international visitors to see and learn about the country’s heritage, noting that he has been in the industry for four years, in which he was able to produce various kinds of perfumes including special mixes of Oud and other perfumes that he had prepared himself, adding that the technology has helped him to familiarize himself with the production work. Mr. Al-Kwari said that he must explain to his customers, the origin and history behind the products they’re buying (from Oud, to Bukhoor and other perfumes), and allow them to try his products. He noted that the Qatari people’s day-to-day habit of maintaining a pleasant smell was not limited to occasions, indicating that he had extensive experience in identifying the authentic Oud and excelling in its production.

He added that this industry requires skill and accumulated expertise in order for the trader to learn about people’s tastes and choices. It is among the necessary areas that are indispensable in the local house. He expressed his pleasure in welcoming non-Arab communities and fans to try Oud, Bukhoor and perfume. He said: “I dream of creating a factory for the manufacture, cleaning, packaging, classification, manufacture and production of aromatic oil”.