December 12, 2021

D’reesha performing arts events lunched

Qatar Foundation (QF) is hosting its first-ever performing art festival featuring phenomenal performances for all stage-lovers.

D’reesha, which kicked off on Sunday, is being held in Education City until 17 December and aims to showcase a variety of local talent that is expected to woo the audience away.

“We are absolutely delighted to be hosting our first performing arts festival, partnering with a variety of local stakeholders to bring this event to life,” said Machaille Hassan al-Naimi, president of Community Development at the QF.

The festival serves as an opportunity for the whole community “to explore their curiosity, creativity, and individuality” while also helping viewers connect with like-minded individuals, increase intercultural dialogue, and build a sustainable performing arts culture in the Gulf nation.

Most importantly, as a reflection of QF’s innovation and diversity, the festival will encompass different focus areas, including research, education, technology, and science. The elements will be featured in various performances ranging from theatre, visual arts, and music, to workshops, interactive dining experiences, and storytelling sessions.

“Showcasing and celebrating the local culture, heritage, and language, D’reesha reflects our diverse and inclusive environment,” the official added.

“D’reesha reflects a love of art, which is in the very fabric of Qatar, and the country’s ambitions of being a hub of arts and culture – within the region and beyond,” al-Naimi added.

The art festival comes at a phenomenal time for the community as the breezy weather and FIFA Arab Cup elevates spirits nationwide. And just like the cup,  D’reesha will offer a glimpse into what can be expected next year when Qatar hosts the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

The new initiative comes in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, Qatar National Day, and Daam Fund and organised in an effort to show how Education City truly is a gateway to a vibrant community.

“D’reesha is an opportunity to explore and nurture talent in the field of the Arts in Qatar,” said Mariam al-Hamadi, director of Culture and Arts at the Ministry of Culture.

“This collaboration aims to help achieve the goals of the Qatar National Vision, through cultural-focused partnerships with organisations across the country, within key sectors such as science, research, and education. This includes performing arts, where students are key players in driving creativity and shaping our culture for the future.”

The performances will take place starting 5pm up until 8pm across the Green Spine, the Ceremonial Court, and Chef’s Garden at Education City.

Attendees must adhere to local social distancing guidelines as set out by the Ministry of Public Health.


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