August 12, 2021

Darb Al Saai to relocate to Umm Salal area

The Darb Al Saai Day activities will enjoy a new, permanent site at the Umm Salal area next year, announced HE Salah bin Ghanim al-Ali, Minister for Culture and Sports and Head of the State National Day Celebrations Organizing Committee (SNDCOC), during a special meeting held at Al Wajba Fort.

Preparations to set up the site are underway, thanks to the efforts made in coordination with the Private Engineering Office. With work continuing at this pace, the 2022 Qatar National Day celebrations will be held at the new site.

The Umm Salal area was selected as the site for these celebrations after careful review. In addition to its historical importance, the area also enjoys unique geographical features and is easily accessible to the public.

The Darb Al Saai events will not be held this year due to fears it could turn into a superspreader for Covid-19 infections, HE added, assuring attendees that it will be held in a wider space in Umm Salal next year to ensure social distancing in case another Covid-19 wave hits the region.

This decision was made as part of a strategy to contain the spread of Covid-19 and to help the Ministry of Health avoid another outbreak. On this occasion, HE Mr Salah also thanked health professionals on their dedication and hard work, without which restrictions would not have eased and life would not have almost returned to normal.

“Had we known that the pandemic situation would be as stable as it is now, we could have prepared for it this year. In this regard, I would like to strongly express my thanks and appreciation for the efforts of the Ministry of Public Health and related entities for reaching this excellent situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic,” HE Mr Salah stressed.

Darb Al Saai events enjoy unparalleled popularity among the Qatari public for their historical and heritage importance.