December 14, 2021

Aspire Park Events Bring Joy on Qatar National Day 2021

Aspire Park witnessed the launch of a group of various heritage activities to celebrate the State’s National Day 2021. The activities organized by the Qatar National Day Celebrations Organizing Committee (QNDCOC) will continue until December 18, and include 18 activities that reflect all the aspirations of citizens and residents to learn about Qatar’s ancient history and national heritage.

Many people who flocked to attend the events praised the activities included in the Aspire Events Program, including artistic performances and various cultural competitions hosted by Aspire Park.

Attendees and participants have expressed their appreciation to the Qatar Center for Cultural and Heritage Events (QCCHE), as well as to the management of Aspire Park, and praised the diversity and richness of the National Day celebration program prepared by the QCCHE in cooperation with the concerned authorities.