December 15, 2021

Aspire Park, Al Wakra Souq and EC Events Take Qataris back in History

The National Day activities in Aspire Park, the Old Al Wakra Souq and Education City continue to attract more citizens and residents of different groups and ages, through a variety of activities and heritage shows that simulate the atmosphere of the beautiful past, and draw Qataris to their roots.

The second day of activities witnessed a great turnout from citizens and residents who were eager to learn about Qatar’s heritage. The events have been commended by the public, who expressed their admiration for the diversity of the activities and shows. They also stressed that the sports games and recreational activities that Old Al Wakra Souq represents are an opportunity to entertain children and teach them about their country’s past and cultural heritage.

The activities of the old Souq Al-Wakra include 16 activities, including “folk games. Meanwhile, Aspire Park hosted a range of heritage activities that will continue until December 18, and will include 18 activities that meet all citizens’ aspirations to learn about their ancient national history and heritage.

Many people who flocked to attend the events praised the activities included in the Aspire Events Program, including artistic performances and various cultural competitions hosted by Aspire Park.