December 5, 2022

Art of Ceramic & Plastic Impress Innovators

Within the activities of the Art Liwan Exhibition, National Day Organizing Committee jointly organized educational interactive workshops for many arts, such as ceramic and plastic arts. This workshop attracted great deal of the visitors especially females who used to use old pottery tools while they made some household tools with their hands. These workshops also attracted World Cup fans of Darb Al-Saai visitors, who are interested in the artistic pieces and the colors that decorate the ceramic pieces.

Ms. Mona Al-Badr, a visual artist, presents a set of exercises for visitors and those who wish to learn the hobby of drawing and painting. Ms. Nora Al-Kaabi presents ideas on how to paint ceramics and form them in attractive manner. Both of them praised the impressive organization of Darb Al-Saai, especially the facilities allocated to provide these artistic workshops.