December 12, 2021

Ardat Hal Qatar Student Show sets off Educational Sector’s Qatar National Day Celebration

The activities of the National Day celebrations began at Qatar Foundation’s Education City, and included a number of heritage events, in the presence of a remarkable audience, as part of the D’reesha Performing Arts Festival organized by the Foundation.

Ms. Samira Al Yazidi, Head of the Education Sector Department at the Organizing Committee for National Day Celebrations, said that the educational sector participates in a number of events that represent the Qatari heritage, including “Ardah Hal Qatar”, “Ad Al Qased” and “Laha We Sing”, in which a number of schoolgirls perform national songs. With the participation of the Qatar Finnish International School.

She added that a number of distinguished schools were chosen to represent Qatar’s schools, including Al Khor Primary School, which presented Ardat Hal Qatar yesterday, noting that Ardat Hal Qatar represents heritage and enthusiastic values ​​in preserving the important Qatari heritage and cultural life that our students proudly celebrate this day.

She said: Al-Ardah is one of the martial arts that we still preserve in our schools because it is one of the enthusiastic arts that was held in the past on occasions, and during wars on social and other occasions. Which revives noble values ​​through several poetic purposes: “patriotism, war, enthusiasm, distress, foreboding, ghazals, ruins, homes, social occasions, and others.”

She added: There are a number of other events, such as the Counting the Poem event, where the qualifiers for a number of schools have been completed, which include the presentation of poems that express the Qatari heritage and the glories of the ancestors, explaining that among the activities is also the “The Grandparents’ Trust” event, which is a new event that cares It was presented in cooperation with the Friends of the Environment Center, and it is a competitive event. The qualifications resulted in 6 schools reaching the finals, including 3 schools for boys and 3 schools for girls.

She pointed out that the closing of the Grandfathers Amanah Ranches event will be on December 16 at the stage of the Qatar National Day Celebrations at Qatar Foundation, and the final Ad al-Qaseed will be on the same stage as well on December 17.

The theater event that was held at the Qatar Foundation theater witnessed the performance of the play “Friend of Trees”, which tells a story about the oak tree and the willow tree, where a father goes with his son to the forest and there they stand in front of the two trees and they talk about the benefits of each, as the father explains to his son that everything is in This life has value and wisdom from its presence in life, for example, the willow tree, which expresses hope and a source of life, compared to the oak tree of few benefits due to its old age.