December 3, 2022

A Seminar Entitled “The Role of Women and their Achievements in Qatari Society”

As part of the activities of the National Day 2022, a seminar entitled “Qatari Women… Great Roles and Achievements in Society” held at Darb Al-Saai, in which Dr. Aisha Al-Mannai, Director of the Mohammed bin Hamad Al Thani Center for Muslim Contributions to Civilization at the College of Islamic Studies at HBKU, participated in this seminar along with Dr. Aisha Jassim Al-Kuwari, Director General of the Qatari Forum for Authors, and journalist Hessa Al-Suwaidi, and it was moderated by Ahmed Al-Suwaidi.

The participations in the seminar emphasized that the Qatari women have achieved several accomplishments in various fields, thanks to the attention and appreciation they receive from the state, which encourages them to give more to serve the country.

Dr. Aisha Al-Mannai discussed the role of Qatari women during the recent period, her multiple contributions, and her pride in her Islamic culture, with openness to all other cultures, and at the same time her adherence to the customs and traditions established in society and her endeavor to raise her children. She said: Women have long since become side by side with Qatari men, and they are moving forward together for the sake of building and dedication to serve the country.

She added, the Qatari woman is moving towards the right path of building and giving in a deliberate way, in which she preserves her identity and values, as well as her openness to the other in a conscious manner, without being drawn into the destructive calls for the family.

As for how Qatari women protect themselves and preserve their heritage and culture, Dr. Aisha Al-Mannai affirmed that Qatari women are immunized by religion, away from extremism, and with commitment to their values and customs, in addition to respecting the cultures of others, peaceful coexistence and respect for others and their beliefs, which is what the State of Qatar achieves, appreciating women’s access to all fields.

Dr. Aisha Al-Kuwari said that we are lucky and we have obtained all our rights without striving, unlike others. The right to education, work and inheritance is guaranteed to everyone according to Islamic law, and the reality proves the presence of women in all fields of life and they walk side by side with the men to achieve Qatar Vision 2030.

She added that women contribute positively in achieving the national strategy, in which everyone shares responsibility. She supported what Dr. Aisha Al-Mannai said of Qatari women’s pride in their identity and heritage, and that they always carry their identity with them wherever they are.

There are Qatari women who have proven their success inside and outside the country, with pride in their identity, pointing out that there are writers who have a great role in transmitting Qatari culture to the other through the Qatari novel and other literary works. Regarding women entering the field of culture, she said: The access of Qatari women to the cultural field is clear, which reflects their partnership in building the country, and that they are taking parallel steps with men towards serving the country, based on the fact that the intellectual is the mirror of society.

The presenter Hessa al-Swaidi said that as a Qatari intellect, she cherishes the local heritage, and looks at it as the basis from which she has founded her own school of thought and beliefs. Pointing out that she holds onto her local culture, yet with an open eye to the world to serve the entrepreneurial work she currently does, as well as culture and media. Hessa added that Qatari women take pride in their deeply rooted Islamic beliefs, which the entire society holds, and that the Qatari women reflect a beautiful representation of the country due to their faith and loyalty, and the attention and care for women in the society. With regard to her vision of modernity for Qatari women, she emphasized that Qatari intellectuals, while preserving their authenticity and privacy, were open to other cultures, taking into account modern times, which meant that Qatari women manages to combine the elements of authenticity and modernity.