(From the speech of His Highness the Amir, may God protect him, at the opening of the 50th session of the Shura Council)

Since the founding saga and through the generations, Qataris have faced many challenges, revealing in the past as well as in the present a deep
awareness of their ability to respond. For all the tribulations of nature and the stakes of construction in various colors. For decades, historical
events have shaped the Cree in which they fought tournaments In it, they made precious and precious sacrifices, milestones to their identity,
and these facts became the fulcrum of their personality, and their national unity was the source of their identity.
Their strength, whose predicaments were born as they defended their homeland, inspired them by the need to unite under one flag just as it
inspired Qatari youth. They were headed by Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed bin Thani with the dream of establishing a state. Throughout the
course of their history, Qataris have been able to strengthen their national unity with the conciliation of God, giving many examples of their
honesty, humility, and ability. To keep the promises and face many challenges and difficulties, and the promise of the 2022 World Cup is nothing
but an extension of those promises made by the Qataris to themselves. And before the world to win the challenges of civilization, and that
promise would not have been fulfilled on the ground had it not been for their adherence to their national unity that made them proud.
By belonging to their homeland and loyal to their leadership, it has become a sign of the values that grandparents and fathers have etched in
them, to be faithful to future generations. Generations of all their components have been working in one ship with solidarity and pride, faithful
to the destination of the compass that is moving in the direction of civilizational progress, to write Qataris are epics in the present with their
work, values and constant aspiration for a better future for their homeland, just as their ancestors recorded their epics in the past, Their unity
will increase their determination to pursue efforts to achieve their goals and to recognize the social, cultural, and economic challenges facing
their modern state in the intertwining of its relations with the world.