The new slogan is based on the poetry of the founder of Qatar, Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Bin Thani, may Allah rest his soul, and represents the strong relationship of Qataris to their environment since time immemorial. They were raised by the characteristics of the land, coexisting with its nature, the colours of its soil and sea, the seasons, and they explored its depths so that it formed their personality and identity.

The Qatari people mirror the simplicity of their environment, and the gentleness of their morals and humility is rooted in the gentleness of the land.

The union of the sea and land reflects a special feature of this environment, intertwining the Qatari people with these two blessings and providing their livelihood. They would go to the sea to dive in the summer, and pasture in the winter. For pearls, they voyaged the vast ocean with wisdom and courage, and believed that life is lived through interaction with others. They welcomed ships from distant lands arriving at their shores with generosity and hospitality.

Despite the challenges of living in the desert with the scarcity of water and plantation, they found inspiration and insight, and were able to make the desert bloom with their patience. The beauty of their cultivated land increased their creativity and deep poetry.

The Qatari people walk the land which Allah has blessed and entrusted them with. They saw this blessing and vowed to take care of this gift, building their homes using stone and hide, all with deep rooted humility to reflect their appreciation of Allah. Their gratitude towards Allah was clear through their actions above their word.

The attachment of Qataris to their environment enhanced their love for their homeland and their sense of belonging and national pride. As such an important part of their lives,  the environment has been a central theme in their anthems and poems, such as the verse of Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Bin Thani that inspired the national day slogan.