This slogan was used in conjunction with a verse of poetry by the founder Sheikh Jassim bin Muhammad bin Thani, in which he says: He represents glory and morals in ten years **** and has won all the honours and pride.

In this verse, the founder Sheikh “Jassim bin Muhammad” mourns his son, Sheikh Joaan, listing his virtues. He was of a young age, steeped in morality, a seeker of knowledge, and a bold knight in pursuit of knowledge, and these are the values he was raised on in his Qatari environment.

It was for him and for the young people of the foundation the best school.

The slogan expresses the belief of successive generations of Qatari youth that the path of knowledge is arduous. It is only reached with the weapons of morals and science

We praise you, O Lord of the Throne……….During good and bad times, the Qataris drew the turning points of their epic since the foundation until now. They have experienced fierce battles, such as Hazm, Khannor, Al-Wajbah, Pearl Depression, and other challenges.