Stadium (Astad) Suite

Stadium(Astad) highlights educational activities that enhance children’s knowledge and thinking, and concentrates on interactive activities that aim at instructing young people to specialize in architecture.


Time Description of activity Name of activity
pm am
3:30-10:00 9:00-1:00 Allow the visiting children to take photos with the uniform of an engineer. Photography
3:30-10:00 9:00-1:00 Allows the visitor via the virtual reality to live the experience of sightseeing in Qatar as well as Stadium’s(Astad’s) Projects. اVisual reality
3:30-10:00 9:00-1:00 The models of (Astad’s) Projects allow the visitor to take the opportunity to know them through participating in the installation of a model in a correct way. Installation
3:30-10:00 9:00-1:00 Activities revealed by the buildings and Stadium’s(Astad’s) Projects. Activities for children
3:30-10:00 9:00-1:00 Available for visitors aged 8 years or older through drawing in an interactive way by means of an electronic screen which displays a child’s graphic and allows it to be printed. The electronic drawing