Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics

Notes times Activity discerption Activity Name
Evening Morning
3:30 – 10:00  9:00 – 1:00  Screen shows Qatar map and discovering Qatar The explorer
3:30 – 10:00  9:00 – 1:00   

Choosing a team Select  to manage a team that collects data through the iV from the small researcher (child) by combining 3 questions to communicate the importance of the census: Age, gender and region.

The young explorer
3:30 – 10:00  9:00 – 1:00   Explore exports and imports between Qatar and various countries of the world. External trade
3:30 – 10:00  9:00 – 1:00   

· Qatar map


·The four pillars of national development

results will be announced everyday through drawing to choose the winners 3:30 – 10:00  9:00 – 1:00   The questions will be related to the 2020 census. The objective of adding this activity is to be an educational and educational goal on the subject of the 2020 census, which is now in the State of Qatar, and the questions will be addressed to the senior members. Daily competitions