Qatar Scientific Club Suite

The club’s contribution aims at promoting and implanting the culture of innovation and manufaturing and supporting the Qatari innovators; this contribution exists through interactive activities and workshops by the usage of recent devices owned by the club


Time Description of activity
9:00-1:00 The department aims at creating a stimulating

environment of  creativity and innovations and encouraging  young children aged from 7 to 14 years, to explore and research in a methodolgic way, the workshops and comptitions will be presented as follows:

–           (stem)

An interactive workshop based on a system

–          The workshop of electronic circuits

–          Programming workshop for one hour

–          The contst of create your game by yourself

–          The contest of robot challenge

–          Drawing the Emblem of Qatar State and National Day by the robot

9:00-1:00 The department aims at encouraging young children to manufacture and innovate and it provides a supporting environment to that through workshops,activities and contests specific to young children aged from 15 years and above,as follows:

–          The contst of lost scientific treasure

–          The contest of geometric shapes installation

–          The workshop of  electronic circuits and lightening the Emlem of the National Day.

–          The contest of constructing an engineering tower

–          A meeting with an innovator

–          The workshop of corner wipes and 3d printers