General Directorate of Traffic

This event is administered by the General Traffic Department through the Traffic Awareness Department, as interactive competitions are launched to learn about traffic safety conditions, and to test Competitively among visitors about traffic information, as well as interactive educational games for children, and a review of the most prominent ancient police holdings found in the traffic museum.

Time Event Description Event Name


3:30 – 10:00 9:001:00 It targets the age group 3 – 5 years to introduce them to the shapes and colors of the traffic signals and the difference between the mandatory and warning signs in a entertaining and educational way for children. Kids club
It aims to educate children about the role of traffic policemen and the importance of clearing the road for ambulances and emergency vehicles during traffic through the experience of driving simulation on the road. Traffic police
In this event, children are educated on various types of traffic vehicles and are helped to distinguish between cars of different government sectors through coloring cars and displaying them on a display screen. Coloring and periodicals
In this event, awareness activities for children are displayed, it is a radio broadcast by an equipped studio in which children play the role of the broadcaster and guests to talk about traffic and safety conditions on the road in addition to making an animated movie in which children make short movements to show traffic rules in the form of a movie as virtual reality to enhance traffic safety rules by simulating reality Traffic KidZania
It is a car race of  4 tracks, 4 players stand in each track to answer the questions on the screen in addition to the interactive wall, which aims at introducing children to common traffic signs and testing them Interactive wall + smart race
Pictures are taken of children, in addition to issuing a license of education for those who pass the driving test in the traffic village The reflector + license issuance
In this event, a part of the traffic control room is transported, in addition to participation in the signs test Testing the DTS Unified Driver Training System
Visitors are educated about the conditions of driving on the road and first aid methods and the need to equip the car with traffic safety tools while driving on the road Safety on the road
Examples of old car plates are shown Old traffic paintings
Visitors are introduced to the most important equipment of the old police, and a number of holdings of the Sheikh Faisal Al Thani Museum are displayed in addition to issuing the old license Traffic Museum