Participants perform many fun experiences to obtain valuable information in science

Exciting chemical experiments

offers for exciting chemical experiments will be presented to the public. Chemical experiments are: Elephant TothPaste – Lava Lamp – Chemical Garden with Magic Rocks- Rainbow reaction – Blue Bottle-Liquid Nitrogen


Participants in this activity compete to build the highest tower

Ask Dr. Cepsule

effectiveness test your information as medical and pharmaceutical topics are chosen that are popular, presented to the public, and correct the wrong medical concepts

Al-Falk Club of Qatar University

Activates descriptions Activate name
that represents the solar system’s planets and its width includes the definition of each planet, and it represents a true miniature scale of the proportions and distances between the planets The solar system is a microcosm
Observation of the Moon in the sky, learning how telescopes work and how they can be used to watch planets Telescopes and observations
A practical experiment to explain the concept of the spacetime and how to bend the spacetime because of the effect of objects, and to explain the concept of gravity in that framework The experiment of the spacetime



Participants learn about programming in an easy and fun way


Participants color the stadiums for the 2022 World Cup and place them on Qatar map


Participants solve many mathematical puzzles to complete the race

Digital Area

A participation provided by the Faculty of Engineering in the form of some inventions of students and teaching staff, including robots and digital devices.

Qatar Meadows

The participation of Meadows initiative, which offers some agricultural educational and awareness activities.

University Farm

The farm offers some seedlings and seeds that were specially brought from the University`s farm to the visitors of Derb al-Saai in order to raise awareness of the importance of agriculture.

University Lab

The laboratory provides an opportunity for visitors to practice some chemical experiments and discover the secrets of chemistry and how to incorporate them into everyday life.

Kids Area

The Children Area is run by the Research Center (Al-Bayraq) at Qatar University, where some electronic, paper and manual games are available

Innovation Section

The innovation section includes a group of inventors from the university employees, students and teaching staff. The university was interested in introducing and sharing you their talents, including drawing, calligraphy, and some handicrafts.

Lazer room

The laser room is a unique game developed in the Faculty of Engineering, which is characterized by the sense of competition; where the players should pass the laser lines without touching them to reach the flag with the least number of errors.

Terrain Room

One of the participations provided by the Faculty of Engineering, where the participant can form the terrain and follow the change of their colors geologically.