National Day Rail

The Rail Train event will be held this year at Qatar Foundation as part of the Dareesha Show Festival. The event aims to bring fun and joy to the hearts of the public, especially children and women.

Open the Doors Play

An interactive theater show that focuses on the importance of knowledge and learning in offering future opportunities, accompanied by a first-time dinner experience.

It will be shown in Arabic from December 12-17, at 5-6 pm, during the Dareesha Show Festival, as part of the activities of the 2021 State National Day celebrations.

The Cake Seller Play

A play revolving around the cake seller (Warda), and it includes various events, distributed between fact and fiction, and presented in a lyrical form, with the voice of the singer (Aseel Hamim).

Friend to the Trees Play

A children’s play that revolves around the journey of a woodcutter and his daughter in the forest. The play aims to consolidate a set of educational values ​​and behaviors, namely: keeping family secrets, appreciating the value in every organism, and learning from one’s experiences.