Drawing, Coloring and Installation Games Corner (Puzzle)

The General Directorate of Civil Defense, in cooperation with the artist: Ali Al-Mulla, presents the activity of drawing and painting and teaching children to draw and paint.

Also presenting  paintings and drawings of the artist’s work

Rescue Police Department (Al-Fazaa), in cooperation with (the artist Hamad Al-Mutawa), presents:

The effectiveness of drawing, painting and teaching children on an electronic screen

The effectiveness of drawing, painting and teaching children, managed by Rescue Police Department (Al-Fazaa) with  (artist: Hamad Al-Mutawa(.
The General Passports Department (Office of Elderly and People with Special Needs) presents: The puzzle game – drawing and coloring for children.
The event of (Public Relations Department) provides drawing and painting activities for children.
The Criminal Evidences and Information Department (Following Traces Section “Jinah Al Athar”) provides: coloring and maze game activities.
Juvenile Police Department  provides drawing and coloring activities, cubes game and the right and wrong behaviors game.

Preventive Security Department Al-Adeed

It is an electronic game that displays some of the situations that the child may be exposed to in reality. The child evaluates these situations and answers  the questions to go to the next stage. Communication Game

Juvenile Police Department

Display of positive and negative behaviors through questions that child will answer to move to the next stage. Electronic Behavior Game

Public Relations Department

Displays the content of the child’s website and electronic games


Child’s Website Games
Introducing children to military ranks Rank Game
Photographing children in military uniform Photography Corner
Representing characters go around with children in the Ministry pavilion (Saif – Lulwah – Aman – Salama – Heritage Police Officer) Representing Characters
Teaching children five sentences in sign language. After the child master the sign language, he will be given a card confirming learning  the sign language with passport stamp. Sign Language
Introducing Department services through an electronic game that relies on connecting between images and their phrases Electronic Game


Presentation of Rescue Police (Al-Fazaa) equipment and custody of the Rescue Police members with a simplified explanation of the uses of these equipments, and asking children questions about these equipments. Patrols and Individuals Custody and Equepments
Presentation of the electric patrol and an explanation of its contents and the devices used, with questions being asked to the children, and photographing them inside the patrol by the photography corner. Rescue Police (Al-Fazaa) Electric Patrol


A mini photo gallery for the works of the Fazaa members Photo Gallery
A scenario for the Rescue Police Department (Al-Fazaa) works with the participation of children in the theater Al-Fazaa Show

General Administration of Civil Defense and various departments

Explain and train children how to behave in the event of smoke to avoid suffocation and in the case of detention Safety awareness in closed spaces
Identify the wrong behavior in  camps and how to avoid fire and suffocation Safety Awareness in Camps
The use of a laser fire extinguisher through a competition between children for fire extinguishing Golden seconds challenge
Show to use fire extinguishers and explain and train children on the types of extinguishers and their uses Fire fighting
A competition between two teams to overcome barriers and obstacles and then to choose the correct answer for questions Challenge field

Forensic Laboratory Department

Fire experts from the Evidence and Criminal Information Department explain the causes of  fire on burnt-out objects Home Safety Awareness

General Directorate of Coasts and Borders Security

Event Description Event Name


Teaching children to drive a canoe by using a canoe simulator. Canoe driving
Teaching children how to wear life vests and life jackets, and how to behave in emergencies. Marine safety awareness and swimming pools
Teaching children to tie ropes through a competition. Rope Tying Competition
Explanation of the equipments and its uses with asking questions after explanation. Search and rescue equipment Show
Show sculptures of boats with asking questions to children after explanations. Cut-outs for boats

Drawing and coloring, and puzzle games Corner

Drawing and coloring event, and teaching children how to draw and color. The General Administration of Civil Defense, in cooperation with the artist: Ali Al Mala, and showcasing paintings of the visual artist.

A contest for drawing and coloring on stage and in the art corner (Administration of Community Police)

Drawing and coloring event, and teaching children how to draw and color. The Administration of Police Response, in cooperation with (the artist: Hamd Al Motawa’a)

The General Administration of Passports (Elderly and Special Needs Office)

Puzzle assembly game in the shape of the National Day’s logo, and the National Day’s logo of

this year (Always adorned by our actions)

Drawing and coloring – Coloring for kids, by fingerprint on a map of Qatar.

Drawing and coloring event (Administration of General Relations)

Theater and Screen Corner

A play performance of the General Administration of Civil Defense and The Administration of Community Police

Titled: (For your safety, Qatar) showing contests on Safety and Security Requirements, Fire Triangle contest, Evacuation and Fire Causes contest, and Golden Seconds contest.

The Public Administration of Coastal & Border Safety:

Search & Rescue Equipment contest, knot tying contest, Sea Safety Requirements

Police Response Administration A scenario of the Police Response Administration work in cooperation with the children’s theater.

Administration of Criminal Evidence & Information (Jinah Al Athar): Various shows for trained dogs

Screening of awareness-raising films on the screen made by the participating administrations.