virtual reality shopping

A virtual reality shopping trip through a co-op that mimics a number of issues related to consumer protection and protection of rights with life-like interactions and presentations of how individual consumers can protect their rights.

Participate in Investing

Children help in putting together terms related to the Ministry of Economy and Trade such as ‘invest’ or ‘national product’ using small building blocks. A draw is then held and three participants are selected to win a daily prize.

The Young Inventor

An interactive group game where two teams of children use picture puzzle blocks to build images related to the ministry or images of Qatari landmarks.

Interactive Screens for Educational Entertainment

‘- First game: The player starts by choosing an avatar (male or female) then given a daily allowance and asked to shop before returning home. The avatar passes through several different stages requiring spending, saving, or making money.


– Second game: Two pictures of a product are displayed, one genuine and one counterfeit, and the player must choose which is the original.