Wheel of Commands

Contains a set of commands and puzzles to be executed by the child who will win different prizes.

Distinctive Katateeb Activities

Children choose what they like and exercise activities under supervision, where among the choices are: (The Story of Hessa and Nasir, Hazawina, A letter and A Word, Reading Crown “small size”, reading bags), in addition to activities dedicated to the celebration of the National Day (Gift Cards – Read and Draw… etc.).

Reading Crown Game

A game of mobility in which the child moves according to numbers and executes orders that encourage him/her to read pages of selected stories. Next to the Reading Crown rug is a Story Corner. The Crown shall be granted to the winner child.

Past, Present and Future of Qatar

The child has is provided with picture of the past, present and future of Qatar, in addition to tools, short sentences and pictures, so that the child sticks, identifies and discusses them with peers.

The child learns the most important features of each period and expresses his/her understanding of “Qatar will remain free”. Then the child will install the pieces of the map of Qatar. By that, He/she will be building his/her country and chooses the appropriate projects and elements that will achieve the future vision of Qatar 2030 in all human, economic, social and environmental fields.