Tour of Qatar (Ozobot)

Using special code to chart a course for the Ozobot to move from city to city on the Map of Qatar.

Welding Simulation

Virtual reality welding simulation where visitors can experience working in an industrial setting using welding equipment.

Heart Resuscitation Competition

Two contestants perform cardiac resuscitation by performing 30 presseson the breast of simulation modelsconnected to a reaction monitor

Innovative Solutions

Children will be invited to participate in two different but related activities:

1. Critical Thinking (solving a 25 piece puzzle on electronic plates to build a motto reading ‘Qatar will remain free’ and the map of Qatar).
2. Creativity and Innovation (using natural paste prepared at home to make a model of a national landmark).

Electric Circuits

Discovering electric circuits and using them into illuminated balloons.


Participants will learn how to program a robot to draw the Qatari flag.