National Day Rail

The Rail Train event will be held this year at Qatar Foundation as part of the Dareesha Show Festival. The event aims to bring fun and joy to the hearts of the public, especially children and women.

Open the Doors Play

An interactive theater show that focuses on the importance of knowledge and learning in offering future opportunities, accompanied by a first-time dinner experience.

It will be shown in Arabic from December 12-17, at 5-6 pm, during the Dareesha Show Festival, as part of the activities of the 2021 State National Day celebrations.

The Cake Seller Play

A play revolving around the cake seller (Warda), and it includes various events, distributed between fact and fiction, and presented in a lyrical form, with the voice of the singer (Aseel Hamim).

Qatar Charity Events

Activities Corner

A special place for the establishment of special programs and activities for children (drawing, coloring, legos and special activities to develop children’s skills) that reflect in its content the slogan of this year’s National Day: “Ancestral Meadows: A Matter of Trust.”

Mobility Contests Playground

A playground for children where motor and sports competitions and challenges.

Agriculture and Environment Corner

A space to teach children how to farm and preserve the environment, and to introduce children to the different kinds of trees growing in the Qatari environment.


The Wahga Game – Civil Defense

An entertaining, educational and awareness-raising game that simulates the dangers that surround us in compounds, facilities, homes and camps.

Golden Seconds – Civil Defense

It is a laser simulator for fires. It teaches audiences of all ages how to properly use fire extinguishers, and to count down the time they take to extinguish fires.

Tahadi Maze – Civil Defense

It consists of barriers and tunnels, and the contestants are distributed on four tracks of different colors. Its aim is to promote a culture of safety and security for children to learn about health and safety procedures and is dedicated to children of ages from 6 to 12 years.

Fine Art

– Direct drawing (drawing of wildlife from the Qatari environment, for example: drawing plants, drawing wild and marine animals).
– Drawing on models (making drawings on traditional boats by Qatari male and female artists).
– Children’s drawing (children participate in drawing and coloring plant pots.
– Free drawing (making drawings under the slogan of the National Day 2021 “Ancestral Meadows: A Matter of Trust”).
– Artists Gallery (displaying paintings by Qatari male and female artists in fields related to the environment).

Waqif Riding Contest

A competition for men to ride camels. There will be daily prizes for the participants, in addition to a final competition on December 18 for the winners of the daily competitions.

Izbat Majlis

Visitors are received in the Izbat Majlis and introduced to heritage content related to camels, riding and their history.
The event also features a cultural competition around the content presented in the Majlis


Receiving visitors in the Colonel’s Majlis to exchange conversations and introduce them to Qatari customs and traditions and how to prepare and serve Arabic coffee, in addition to carrying out a range of other activities, including:
– Storytelling for visitors
– Playing the rabab musical instrument
– Popular Puzzles Contest (Al-Rama’a)
– Majlis etiquette

The event also features a women’s-only house, which receives female visitors who talk about Qatari customs and traditions and teach them how to prepare Arabic coffee, in addition to a number of other activities, such as:
– Popular Puzzles Contest (Al-Ram’a)
– Cultural heritage competition for girls
– Majlis etiquette