Goat Milking Event

In this event, the audience is taught how to milk goats by the women involved in this event.

360 WYAK

It’s a competition and award program.

During this program the host asks questions, to all phone callers and social media followers on Doha 360″ channel and its various media platforms, to thrill audience’s interaction and then receive their responses on the raised questions during the program.


The program 360 Weyak will be held, in addition to the events of Hal Qatar (Qatar’s People), Laha Nugani(For Her We Sing), Ad Al-Qased, and “Ancestral Meadows: A Matter of Trust.”

Fine Art Event

It is a direct drawing of wildlife from the Qatari environment, such as drawing wild and marine plants and animals, in addition to drawing models and drawings on traditional boats by Qatari artists. Children are also invited to draw and color the “potted” planting basins, to encourage them to farm. Free drawing is also featured, with drawings made reflecting the slogan of the National Day 2021: “Ancestral Meadows: A Matter of Trust.”

Popular Games

A group of old folk games, filled with the spirit of participation and competition among children (Sad wa Rad – Bar wa Bahr, Kerem – Shad al-Habl)

Izbat Majlis

In this event, visitors are received, and a cultural competition is held on the enriching content presented in the Majlis.

Q&A Quiz

A daily competition, in which questions and cultural and heritage information are asked, and will be held in the Nokhatha Majlis, during the period from 14 to 18 December 2021

Al-Haddaq Ala Al-Sayf Competition

During this event, fish are caught on the edge of the old beach of Al-Wakra market using traditional methods, and the winners are determined by a jury based on the weight of the catch. All winners are given the opportunity to participate in the final day, to win the first place on December 18, 2021.

Al-Dama Majlis

During this event, a group of Al-Dama players are present in the Majlis, who explain the game to the visitors and those interested.


The ancient folk arts, such as Al-Nahma, are presented during the events held to add a cultural, artistic and heritage aesthetic, followed by a Q&A competition.

Al Mutawa

Al-Mutawa, with the participation of a group of girls and boys, presents a package of ancient cultural and sports activities.

Al Frij Museum

It contains a set of models that express old folk games, old boats, and handicrafts such as (Al-Naddaf, Al-Qallaf, Al-Kandari, Al-Matbakh).

Al Nokhatha Majlis

Visitors are received and hospitality is provided, in addition to holding a Q&A competition, during which cultural information is presented

The Reflector

It includes taking souvenir photos inspired by Qatari heritage, in addition to displaying old cameras.