National Day Tahammul (Endurance) Cup

This event will witness the culmination of the National Day Cup, in which the competitors will pass two races, one of which is preliminary. Those who pass will qualify for the Al Qudra (Endurance) Race in the Village of Sealine, which is the 110-kilometre race and is divided into four sections. Some 57 finalist contestants are set to take part in the event.

Qatar National Day 2021 Falconry Championship

A tournament organized by the Qatari Society of Al Gannas, with support from the Organizing Committee for the State National Day Celebrations for 2021, and with a large participation of falconers.

The participants are distributed according to the competition categories and the days in which it takes place. For each of the Daw categories, 10 falcons will qualify for the final race.

The National Day Falconry Championship competitions consist of the young falconer competition and the promising falconer competition, in addition to the Daw competitions in: Farkh Hur, Qarnas Hur, Qarnas Shaheen, Farkh Jeer Free, Qarnas Jeer Hur, Farkh Jeer Shaheen, Qarnas Jeer Shaheen, in addition to the elite run, for which only the top five winners Falcons (Wuhush) category qualify.

National Day Paddle Championship

The National Day Paddle Championship 2021 is held under the sponsorship of the State National Day Celebrations Organizing Committee, the Qatar Olympic Committee, the Qatar Tennis, and the Qatar Squash Federation. The event will be held from December 13-17, 2021.

Educational sector events

Ancestral Meadows Competition

Ancestral Meadows: A Matter of Trust” is an environmental event that reflects Qataris’ interest, passion and love for their land through initiatives in areas related to the environment. It is aimed to consolidate the concept of environmental sustainability and achieve Qatar Vision 2030, especially with regard to the environment.

The event featured a competition around the environment, in which 3 schools for boys and 3 schools for girls were qualified, where schools compete by presenting environmental initiatives for each school in the field of agriculture or recycling in cooperation with environmental initiators and in coordination with the Friends of the Environment Center.

The closing ceremony of the event will be held on December 16, 2021


Ad Al-Qaseed Competition

This event is organized within the activities of the Qatar National Day 2021. The event first started in 2009 and aims to enhance the value of participation in this national occasion by reciting poems, as well as reviving folklore, and supporting and promoting poetic talents. The event is supervised by the Poetry Council, in cooperation and coordination with the SNDCOC.

The event embodies loyalty to Qatar and highlights patriotic poems by Qataris intertwined with authentic Arab values. The event provides an opportunity to highlight Qatari talents in the art of recitation. The counting of the poem aims to preserve the cultural heritage, enhance the spirit of belonging to the homeland, and instill a love of poetry and the art of recitation in students’ hearts.

All Qatari primary schools for boys and girls are eligible to participate in this event. The best five participants will be selected to compete in the final event on December 17, 2021.


Al-Nas’ Competition

The activity features gun shooting to hit targets, where the challenges will be within two categories of air rifle shooting from a sitting position for students from 5th to 12th grades. The Shozen Challenge will be dedicated to high school students, starting on 14, 15, and 16 December 2021 to choose the best 8 shooters from each stage (primary – intermediate – high school) for boys and girls. The 5 best shooters for boys and girls will qualify to be in the final competition to be held on December 18 at the Al-Ramii Sports Club in Lusail.

The date of December 17, 2021 is designated for breaking the tie, if any.


Al-Ardah Military Show Event

Al-Ardah is one of the values ​​firmly rooted in the authentic customs and traditions of Qatar, and as much as it reflects a historical aspect of the life of the ancestors that nourishes their occasions and glorifies their pride in their values ​​and life, it continues its presence in contemporary life to express the extension of the bright past into the present.

The participation of the students of Al Khor Model School for Boys includes the presentation of the Qatari parade, and this event aims to revive the heritage of parents and grandparents and instill the values ​​of pride, pride and courage in the hearts of students, by enhancing the spirit of participation in the National Day celebrations.

The school participates in presenting the Qatari parade as part of the activities accompanying the celebrations of the National Day of the State.




For Her We Sing Event

The event aims to strengthen students’ national identity by deepening their loyalty and belonging to their national and cultural heritage. It also aims to refine and develop students’ artistic sense by presenting a collective performance of national artworks.

The event features the Qatar Finnish International School, where student will present choral and patriotic songs. This participation embodies loyalty to the State of Qatar and love to the homeland by presenting patriotic songs within the activities accompanying the QND2021 celebrations.


Locations and times will be announced later as they are not currently available.

Speed challenge

The wall challenges the participants to multiply as many numbers as possible in 30 seconds

Happy flight

Children will try to catch as many branded soccer balls as they can by flying a plane. Indoor game will be marked with logo and soccer balls

The Golden Glove

Test your reactions by jumping into the soccer net and knowing how many balls you can keep off target. Challenge yourself in the goalkeeper game and try to tackle the balls thrown from all directions. Run by standing in front of the goal to see how many balls you can tackle at a specific time

Automatic target

This fun and engaging setting requires players to control a robotic ball using a portable tablet to try to score a goal through our intricate maze as quickly as possible.

Stadium Display Area

Get to know first-hand the most ambitious and eye-catching stadiums in the world that will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar.

Score with your head

The most realistic way to score head goals off the field. More than just soccer, take in soccer balls and aim them using precise header strikes to smash glass targets, hit planes, explode dynamite and more

Creativity board

Interactive activity for kids:  Drawing soccer-themed pictures on tables and their drawings will be scanned in 20 seconds and sent to move on the LED screen

Penalty Top Scorer

A penalty kick without a ball, using only the “Connect” system to track the movement of their legs

Goal Click

It aims to highlight the popularity of football in Qatar, through the lens of individuals who live in the country that will host the next edition of the World Cup. The result is a collection of stories told by pictures taken by more than 30 Qataris and residents of Qatar

Children’s Handicraft Area

A handicraft area for children, where they will install paper lamps in addition to multiple handicrafts without the use of any sharp or dangerous tools under the supervision of specialists.

Virtual Playing Area

Show your skills in playing the ball with this fun interactive game and score your new record number.

Virtual Table Football Game

Add a futuristic touch to your favorite game! Discover a new world of thrill and excitement with the Virtual Table Football Game.

Lucille Stadium

Learn about Lucille Stadium through this model and how Qatar’s past has inspired its future design.

Touch Screens

The visitor can learn more about the 2022 World Cup stadiums by touching the information he/she wants to know.

Show Area of Stadiums

Get to know the world’s most ambitious and eye-catching stadiums, which will host the 2022 Qatar Football World Cup.

Neon Football Stadium

Enjoy an exciting match at the Neon Football Stadium where special lighting technology will be used to reflect the colors and dress lines of this game.

Digital Graphite Wall

Show your skills in drawing your own masterpiece on the digital graphite wall using spray cans, brushes and pens as well as watching special shows for a professional painter.

Interactive Penalty Shootout

Go to the line and show your skills in the penalty shootout. You have 5 attempts to score as many goals as possible.