3D drawing

Great entertainment and fun for kids as they draw football-related pictures and see them come alive on tablets

Automatic target

This fun and engaging setting requires players to control a robotic ball using a portable tablet to try to score a goal through our intricate maze as quickly as possible.

The Golden Glove

Test your reactions by jumping into the soccer net and knowing how many balls you can keep off target. Challenge yourself in the goalkeeper game and try to tackle the balls thrown from all directions. Run by standing in front of the goal to see how many balls you can tackle at a specific time

Happy flight

Children will try to catch as many branded soccer balls as they can by flying a plane. Indoor game will be marked with logo and soccer balls

Speed challenge

The wall challenges the participants to multiply as many numbers as possible in 30 seconds

Stadium Display Area

Get to know first-hand the most ambitious and eye-catching stadiums in the world that will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar.

Penalty Top Scorer

A penalty kick without a ball, using only the “Connect” system to track the movement of their legs

Creativity board

Interactive activity for kids:  Drawing soccer-themed pictures on tables and their drawings will be scanned in 20 seconds and sent to move on the LED screen

Score with your head

The most realistic way to score head goals off the field. More than just soccer, take in soccer balls and aim them using precise header strikes to smash glass targets, hit planes, explode dynamite and more

Touch Screens

The visitor can learn more about the 2022 World Cup stadiums by touching the information he/she wants to know.

Lucille Stadium

Learn about Lucille Stadium through this model and how Qatar’s past has inspired its future design.

Virtual Table Football Game

Add a futuristic touch to your favorite game! Discover a new world of thrill and excitement with the Virtual Table Football Game.

Virtual Playing Area

Show your skills in playing the ball with this fun interactive game and score your new record number.

Children’s Handicraft Area

A handicraft area for children, where they will install paper lamps in addition to multiple handicrafts without the use of any sharp or dangerous tools under the supervision of specialists.

Digital Graphite Wall

Show your skills in drawing your own masterpiece on the digital graphite wall using spray cans, brushes and pens as well as watching special shows for a professional painter.

Neon Football Stadium

Enjoy an exciting match at the Neon Football Stadium where special lighting technology will be used to reflect the colors and dress lines of this game.

Show Area of Stadiums

Get to know the world’s most ambitious and eye-catching stadiums, which will host the 2022 Qatar Football World Cup.