Building my City

A journey made by the child to learn the stages of construction used in building the establishment, which goes through three stages:

1- Designing the city plan

2- Issuing building permits

3- Implementation (construction of the facility)

Safe Shopping

An instructional and educational tour in a mini food association to train participants on the basics of safe shopping, how to ensure food safety and to introduce the efforts of municipal health departments.

The Agricultural Sector

Introducing the public to species of fish and wildlife from the Qatari marine environment

• Presentation of palm trees in Qatar

• Educate visitors with safe animals by a miniature veterinary clinic

• The effectiveness of small beekeeper: shows the child the stages of production of natural honey

• The effectiveness of small farms: teaching children about the methods of the right farming.


Theatre performances for the definition of hygiene laws.

Environmental Sector

• Camping: Introducing the public to camping conditions and avoiding common mistakes.

• Presentation showing the species of Qatar birds.

• External protected: to view the Oryx and Gazella subgutturosa