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‘- Interactive Quizzes and Questions: Daily contests interspersed with theatrical passages which consist of national and public historical questions with awards for winners.

– Our Ardha Play: Choose a number of young Qatari and resident visitors to teach the Ardha and its types and choose the winners.

-The Challenge Game: A new embodiment of the 3D Ladder and Snake Game with a number of questions and answers passed by the contestant to rise or fall.

– Made with Love: A small art workshop for children in which they work in an artistic and developed manner to produce cards. These cards are also printed with special printers for the child to give as a gift to a family member.

– Live the Experience: A bowling game but in a different way where the eyes of the participants are covered during the game.

– The Climbing Game: A unique interactive game that motivates children to reach the top by setting their goals and following certain steps to reach them.

-Auto Racing: A car race game in a fun way stimulating children to reflect the idea of helping the elderly where children race to reach the elderly person and provide the necessary service to him/her.

– The “Where from in Qatar” Game: A game that shows the map of Qatar through which the child identifies the names of the areas on the map. This game aims to teach the children of citizens and residents the names of the Qatari regions in an enthusiastic manner.