Bait Al-Akeed

Bait Al-Akeed reflects the daily life of the ancestors in ancient times. During this period, it offers a number of activities, including the work of the disc, milkwax and the traditional way of making Sadou. It also welcomes guests.

Men’s Split: Guests and visitors of Al- Maqtar are received here to exchange conversations about heritage, customs and traditions with the preparation and delivery of coffee in the traditional way.

Timings: 15:30-16:30 I 18:30-18:40

Women’s Split: daily activities related to women are reviewed from a variety of traditional characters such as: Sadou, milkwax, cereals milling, broaching and clothing. Visitors are introduced to the tools used by those women there.

Timings: 17:00-17:30 I 18:45-19:15