The Clay Suite

A specialized suite for creating pottery works out of clay. Teaching crafts to young people.

Painting Suite

An interactive art activity where visitors can draw and express their patriotism through artsy and patriotic pieces.

Mini Merchant Event

Dedicated to improving self-reliance and entrepreneurship for kids, and fostering careers in business among the Qataris, Arabs, and Muslims, where kids can compete in running mini shops that sell various products that reflect the spirit of childhood, and the ethics of hard work and future making.

Auction Event

Familiarize the public with heritage collectibles in order to strengthen the sense of tradition in young people, as well as showcase the best Qatari collectibles to tourists and retell the life of the ancestors through the artifacts that were used in their homes, from household tools to swords and daggers.

College and Council Exhibition

The Council is devoted to receive senior visitors, the official guests of the college. The exhibition also includes all events and courses organized by the college since its establishment until today.  The show contains  pictures, TV screens, smart devices, and figures

Audience activities

This includes the participation of children in the training fields, the field of air shooting and colors – the field of combat missions – ferry towers – the laser war field – the Police College exhibition

Opening Darb Al Saai Events

The Police College participation in the opening of Darb Al Saai event. It consists of an officer, students, and the musical band. They gather in the college headquarters on the day of the opening of Darb Al Saai event, then they move in a military march to the Flagpole of Darb Al Saai and then they gather around  the square forming Qatar map.

School students events

It is an event dedicated to school students with the participation of 12 schools and 30 students from each school. A field military uniform of police college officers will be allocated for all students. The students participate in the police college candidate program pedestrian class – sports barriers – field barriers – The ferry – Self-defense- field skills and raising flag inside or outside the headquarters

Theater Events

A set of events and competitions for both children and adults that is connected to the National Day, from the humanitarian work perspective in addition to paying attention to cultural heritage. These events are twice a day, in the mornings, and in the evenings. As well as introducing the stars of humanitarian and community work stars, and inviting the members of the community to follow their lead. Also, the visitors get the chance to take a look on the foreign communities, and the part Qataris play in humanitarian work.

Interactive Kids Corner

The aim is for the kids to learn information about the international education and health systems, and how Qatar is helping in developing these communities, then practically apply this in the form of a competition between groups.

Ministry of Municipal and Environmental Affairs

A ministry of services that is directly related to the public to meet various aspects of daily life requirements. It contributes through the departments, municipalities and its centers in the process of development and the comprehensive renaissance witnessed in Qatar in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030 which aims at putting the country in the ranks of the developed countries. It is specialized in urban planning, agricultural and environmental affairs, environmental protection and natural balance through comprehensive and sustainable development for the benefit of future generations.

The General Traffic Department

The event of the General Traffic Department includes interactive competitions to identify traffic safety rules, a competitive test among visitors about traffic information, the Future Nursery includes interactive educational games for children, and a review of the oldest police collection at the Traffic Museum.

Doha Tent

Al Doha event, which is named after the capital, provides an opportunity for all state institutions in all sectors of their wings to present educational, educational and interactive activities with the public. Each organization has its own distinctive creative idea, which falls within a clear unified vision of national and national identity in pursuit of Qatar 2030 vision. Its morning activities attract school students and its programs include all family members during the evening. Doha’s effectiveness this year includes the participation of 15 of its sides.
In addition to the allocation of a wing to the entrance of the women’s nights, which contains its interactive activities and popular games that express the original heritage of the State of Qatar.
National event :

Which is an interactive event with the audience presented by Aldoha event which hold national heritage, it’s marked by the element of surprise and not connected with a specific time, its suits all the ages

Souq Waqif

A local market of shops that sell locally-made products made by Qatari entrepreneurs, aiming to introduce the local products to the community and support local products, as well as foster the competition between leading projects, thus helping in achieving the Qatari vision 2030 in supporting entrepreneurship skills.

Police Academy

The Police Academy event aims to express gratitude and devotion to his Royal Highness, the Emir of Qatar, by showcasing the unity of citizens and residents of Qatar, as well as delivering the important and noble mission of the safety of our dear country and those who reside in it, through training the young to be disciplined and committed, and to overcome the obstacles, and the job of security men who protect the people from the outlaws, and to strengthen their participation in national forums.

Qatar University

Qatar University is considered one of the leading academic and research excellence institutions in the region. The University offers high quality undergraduate and graduate programs, which prepare the qualified graduates who will contribute to shaping the future of Qatar.

The University strives to serve and support the Qatari community strongly, meet its needs, prepare effective research and studies that address local and regional challenges, and support the realization of the Qatar National Vision which seeks to build a knowledge-based economy.


Happy flight

Children will try to catch as many branded soccer balls as they can by flying a plane. Indoor game will be marked with logo and soccer balls

Speed challenge

The wall challenges the participants to multiply as many numbers as possible in 30 seconds

The Tower

A tower of 10 meters height, through which the participants can train on descending off the tower.

Health Pavilion

Join us to measure your heartbeat, recognize calories of various foods, and discover cells under microscope.

For her we sing

the idea is based on enhancing students’ national identity by deepening their loyalty and belonging to national cultural images that are part of their community to cultivate the artistic sense of students, through the collective performance of national works of ar

Qatar Rail

A mini-model of Qatar Rail special for families and children to enjoy this experiment. The Qatar Rail project is in line with the State of Qatar’s pursuit of comprehensive development which requires the provision of a new and sustainable means of transport throughout the country.

Raise the Flag

It is the pulse of Darb Al-Saai in which citizens and residents, old and young, participate to represent the pillar of solidarity and loyalty.

Al- Maqtar

Al- Maqtar refers to houses of hair in straight lines, and was built in this way so that no one is revealed to others where all face the south, and the house of hair that receives guests is situated on the same line and faces the eastern side of the houses of hair, but back of them for about 15 meters to be known to visitors as the guest board. It mimics the old desert lifestyle, where visitors can learn about the close proximity of their ancestors, as well as activities associated with effectiveness such as the environment of wild plants, birds, country animals and ancient folk games.

Ministry of Defense

The Directorate of Moral Guidance at the Ministry of Defense (MoD) is the Directorate responsible for all activities of the Ministry of Defense, and it is the body organizing Darb Al Saai Events. The Qatari Armed Forces participate in the events and activities with live military shows, music battalion unit shows, parachute landing and hand-to-hand combat shows. The pavilion will include old and modern machineries, military navy and flight simulators, in addition to the Armed Forces Exhibition which is an interactive exhibition, where the public witnesses a variety of events in different rooms for each unit, including the Ground Forces, Navy, Air Force and Special Forces. Moreover, a mimic citadel of the General Command will be constructed including a time corridor for the Qatari Armed Forces from 1948 up till now, as well as a display of antiquities and weapons. Children can experience

training of the Special Forces by participating in passing the barriers bridges and descending off the tower, which is completely safe for children. There will also be a photography pavilion and a room specified for the children under the age of five. The Defense Pavilion is fully equipped to be compatible to comfort and safety standards for individuals with special needs.

Qatar Foundation

Qatar Foundation for Education, Science, and Community Development is a private, non-profit organization that serves the people of Qatar by supporting and operating programs in three core mission areas: education, science and research, and community development. The Foundation strives to nurture the future leaders of Qatar. By example and by sharing its experience, the foundation also contributes to human development nationally, regionally, and internationally. In all of its activities, the foundation promotes a culture of excellence in Qatar and furthers its role in supporting an innovative and open society that aspires to develop sustainable human capacity, social, and economic prosperity for a knowledge-based economy.

Higher Committee for Projects and Heritage

The Higher Committee for Projects and Legacy is making significant progress in developing detailed plans for Qatar’s operations as a host country for the 2022 FIFA World Cup and has made great progress in building stadiums and other infrastructure projects and ensuring that the tournament and related projects contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals, Qatar to achieve. The efforts of the Supreme Committee and its partners to implement the stadiums, which will create a new history of football in Qatar and the region, as well as infrastructure projects, accommodation facilities, transportation, etc., will continue to ensure that Qatar is ready to host the world in 2022. The 2022 FIFA World Cup, which will connect the people and bring them together to celebrate football and to celebrate the Arab world that will host the tournament. For the first time, every fan in Qatar will have an exceptional experience that will continue to be engraved in his/her memory, where he/she will feel as if he/she is in his/her homeland and will engage with his family and friends in a world of fascinating experiences with all the features of authentic Arab culture and hospitality. The sustainable heritage that we are reflecting through hosting the tournament has begun to be evident in various areas, through the building of sustainable infrastructure, the role of sport in supporting the educational process, the initiatives of football for development, support for innovation in the region, and commitment to improve the level of care of the world, in order to contribute to a better future for our country Qatar, our region, Asia and the world.

3D drawing

Great entertainment and fun for kids as they draw football-related pictures and see them come alive on tablets

Automatic target

This fun and engaging setting requires players to control a robotic ball using a portable tablet to try to score a goal through our intricate maze as quickly as possible.

The Golden Glove

Test your reactions by jumping into the soccer net and knowing how many balls you can keep off target. Challenge yourself in the goalkeeper game and try to tackle the balls thrown from all directions. Run by standing in front of the goal to see how many balls you can tackle at a specific time

Tarsheed Clause

An educational recreational clause on the importance of preserving our natural resources such as water provided by the personalities of KAHRAMAA (Qutoura and Kherob) in addition to competitions and prizes.

Nomas Clause


Morning Time Evening Time


Interactive Quizzes and Questions:

Daily contests interspersed with theatrical passages which consist of national and public historical questions with awards for winners.

09:00-12:00 16:00-22:00 Daily evening shows
Offers and clauses of Al Noor Center 09:30-10:00 Daily morning shows
Our Ardha Play: Choose a number of young Qatari and resident visitors to teach the Ardha and its types and choose the winners. 18:00-19:00 In cooperation with Nomas Center

Dana dance for girls

Dedication to the homeland. Participation of a number of schools and youth centers with special national offers presented as gifts to the nation on the occasion of the National Day.



  • Alami Almomtaie kindergarten Our Qatar Operetta 17 December 2018
  • Dana Girls Club Watani Operetta Thursday 13/12/2018
  • Short National Shows Friday 14/12/2018

Dreama Center

Dreama Center clause


Shows operates on 12-14-16-18-19 December 2019

Stadium Display Area

Get to know first-hand the most ambitious and eye-catching stadiums in the world that will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar.

Penalty Top Scorer

A penalty kick without a ball, using only the “Connect” system to track the movement of their legs

Creativity board

Interactive activity for kids:  Drawing soccer-themed pictures on tables and their drawings will be scanned in 20 seconds and sent to move on the LED screen

The Beauty of Horses Show

An interesting show for the Arabian horses with a specialized trainer who will show the different characteristics of the Arabian horses through professional artistic movements.

Score with your head

The most realistic way to score head goals off the field. More than just soccer, take in soccer balls and aim them using precise header strikes to smash glass targets, hit planes, explode dynamite and more

Al-Shaqab Horse Riders

A group of horse riders in traditional costume perform heritage shows through the work of consistent formulations derived from the heritage of parents and grandparents in wartime.

Cinema 9D

Is the latest technical revolution in the world of cinema where children live within the cinema a scientific atmosphere of fantasy, such as going on a journey within the human body or on a space trip and feel the effects of kinetic and sensory effects.

Qatar Kids Logo Qatar Kids

‘- Interactive Quizzes and Questions: Daily contests interspersed with theatrical passages which consist of national and public historical questions with awards for winners.

– Our Ardha Play: Choose a number of young Qatari and resident visitors to teach the Ardha and its types and choose the winners.

-The Challenge Game: A new embodiment of the 3D Ladder and Snake Game with a number of questions and answers passed by the contestant to rise or fall.

– Made with Love: A small art workshop for children in which they work in an artistic and developed manner to produce cards. These cards are also printed with special printers for the child to give as a gift to a family member.

– Live the Experience: A bowling game but in a different way where the eyes of the participants are covered during the game.

– The Climbing Game: A unique interactive game that motivates children to reach the top by setting their goals and following certain steps to reach them.

-Auto Racing: A car race game in a fun way stimulating children to reflect the idea of helping the elderly where children race to reach the elderly person and provide the necessary service to him/her.

– The “Where from in Qatar” Game: A game that shows the map of Qatar through which the child identifies the names of the areas on the map. This game aims to teach the children of citizens and residents the names of the Qatari regions in an enthusiastic manner.

Qatar Debate

Debates are part of rhetoric arts that take place between two or more speakers on a specific subject and rely on the methods of arguments and intended to be persuasive. It has rules that grant peers rights and duties to provide organized debates. Debates are published in social and educational environments and are characterized by the richness of their themes that appeal to the public and attract their interest.


Participants perform many fun experiences to obtain valuable information in science

Exciting chemical experiments

offers for exciting chemical experiments will be presented to the public. Chemical experiments are: Elephant TothPaste – Lava Lamp – Chemical Garden with Magic Rocks- Rainbow reaction – Blue Bottle-Liquid Nitrogen


Participants in this activity compete to build the highest tower

Ask Dr. Cepsule

effectiveness test your information as medical and pharmaceutical topics are chosen that are popular, presented to the public, and correct the wrong medical concepts

Al-Falk Club of Qatar University

Activates descriptions Activate name
that represents the solar system’s planets and its width includes the definition of each planet, and it represents a true miniature scale of the proportions and distances between the planets The solar system is a microcosm
Observation of the Moon in the sky, learning how telescopes work and how they can be used to watch planets Telescopes and observations
A practical experiment to explain the concept of the spacetime and how to bend the spacetime because of the effect of objects, and to explain the concept of gravity in that framework The experiment of the spacetime



Participants learn about programming in an easy and fun way


Participants color the stadiums for the 2022 World Cup and place them on Qatar map


Participants solve many mathematical puzzles to complete the race

Parade Event

The event is held daily with the participation of horses and camel in addition for classic, old and modern cars along with the participation of government agencies.

Al Ezba


The meaning of Al Ezba refers to a house containing sniping equipment needed for hunting and sniping, so you find everything related to camel and camel riding, and their nomenclature and installations. Also, Al Ezba in ancient poetry refers to the house that receives male guests, and provide activities to teach children and adults how to pull the droppings properly and ride camels.

Time Event Description Event Name


10:00-03:30 09:00-01:00  

The public gets acquainted with the legacy of the desert and clarify all that is related to teaching children how to pull the droppings properly and teach children and adults to ride camels.




Al Ezba

Al-Shaqab knights

in heritage uniform perform heritage displays through making harmonious and pruned formations from the heritage of parents and grandparents in time of war.

Laser Fighting

It is a certain device installed in a weapon using acoustic ammunition, and it sends a signal to the helmet and shield through sensors. It also sends signals to the main device in the operations office declaring whether the person is wounded or killed, so the injured person will be excluded from the game.


Learn how to become self-reliant by building a strong personality in society and getting rid of the assaulter as soon as possible using both mind and physical power.


‘Ardah ‘Qatari Folk Dance

The parade is one of the methods of celebrating national and social events in a way that includes values ​​of pride and courage. It teaches them to take responsibility and courage and instill in them the enthusiasm, patriotism and masculinity. As Darb Al SaiTheater will witness an epic event in which 86 students representing the top three schools compete to determine the top three spots during the evening.

Question and information contest

The competition presents twenty questions, all of which are related to marine heritage life, tools that were used in the past and ancient ways of life

Rope Tugging

A competition between two groups of boys and girls


Al-Bida’a events reflects the marine heritage environment in miniature, where the old frij is adjacent to the sea and attracts the public because of its indigenous heritage, reflecting the feelings of familiarity and compassion that combine the people of the frij. It also includes Beit Al Mutawa, the Popular Café, Al Noukhta Council, and Akass Al Fareej, as well as traditional folklore games such as rope tugging, sail snorkeling, bar and bahar, and many cultural and heritage competitions.


The event was named after Al Shaqab Center, and is supervised by trained instructors from the center to teach visitors horseback riding, in addition to presenting various shows. Children are involved and taught horseback riding to develop the spirit of originality and uphold the ancient heritage.


Reading poems to the audience

Qatari Society of Algannas

Time Event Description Event Name
Evening Morning
03:00 – 10:00 9:00 – 1:00 It includes an explanation of the importance of falconry in the State of Qatar, a general review about falcons, and the tools of falcons used by snipers in their maneuvers, and there will be displays of live falcons in front of the crowd. Falconry Explanation Qatari Society of Algannas
04:30 ————— The association falconers make a “call” show for their own falcons in front of the association’s headquarters in Darb AlSaai for a distance of 50 meters, so that the method of calling birds” will be displayed in public. Calling Birds
06:00 ———— A tutorial show for children about types of falcons, the tools used and how to train falcons, with a section about children’s competitions Teaching Children
03:00 – 10:00 9:00 – 1:00 Coloring show for children and the owner of the best portrait will be awarded. The winners will be awarded during intermittent periods The best Portrait
07:00 —————— A contest for children at the age group of 6-10 years, the contest is a variety of questions about falcons and the tools used in their treatment, and the top five winners will be awarded. Young Falconer

Varied Heritage Contests

Drawing camels step by step for young people
Setting fire workshop
Patience game competition
Narrator contest
Ramaa game
The Rebab, a musical string instrument)
Night dinner

Council of Nukhitha

A competition for children based on the installation of parts of the loader as soon as possible and better mastery judged by the jury.

Rowing Competition

A competition between two contestants with boats prepared and equipped with the necessary equipment for the competition to calculate the time and speed


Limrada is a part of the Qatari folklore. It is a female celebration held in social events and festivals where girls are lined up in two opposite lines to perform a group dance and singing without musical instruments. The event aims at reviving the Qatari heritage and educating young people. With the participation of 16 female students from each school, the Darb Al Sai Theater will witness the performance of 48 female students representing the top 3 girls’ schools to compete for the top three spots during the evening.

Legal document

The event aims at raising the awareness of the community to the role of the court and to consolidate the principles of justice and the respecting of the law. While increasing the legal awareness, the event is based on the idea of the mock court where students compete before a judicial body representing the court of judges and advisors consisting of 3 judges. Each team consists of 5 students, 3 of them representing the defense for the plaintiff or the defendant.

Map of Qatar

An electronic map of three dimentions of Qatar State that gives the visitor the opportunity to know a number of areas in Qatar and their history, so there will be an educational competion about Qatar’s different  villages and districts.

The daily competion

Asking the audience two questions every dayone in the morning and the other in the evening with withdrawal on names of the winners during the two periods.

laser Room

An interactive contest for the participants so that the participant must exceed the laser lines and reach the finish line of the Qatar flag holder

Answer and win

A screen that contains numbers; on the back of each number there are questions and national and lawful images to be matched by the participating child.

Maze game

A screen on the ground in the form of a route which a child walk along passing many rights that he writes on a card until he reaches human rights.

Terms and sentences

Separated words which are to be ordered for constructing terms about human rights.


A screen that contains numbers; on the back of each number there are questions and national and lawful images to be matched by the participating child.Answer and win An electronic game produced by the commission .Fun and rightsAbig sise image; expresses one of the rights acquired by a child.Game installation A screen on the ground in the form of a route which a child walk along passing many rights that he writes on a card until he reaches human rights.Maze game  Separated words which are to be ordered for constructing terms about human rights.Terms and sentencesIntended for the first age stages aiming at children’s entertainment and instruction at the same time.

The promising innovator

The department aims at creating a stimulating

environment of  creativity and innovations and encouraging  young children aged from 7 to 14 years, to explore and research in a methodolgic way, the workshops and comptitions will be presented as follows:

–           (stem)

An interactive workshop based on a system

–          The workshop of electronic circuits

–          Programming workshop for one hour

–          The contst of create your game by yourself

–          The contest of robot challenge

–          Drawing the Emblem of Qatar State and National Day by the robot

Handcrafts activities

Activities that aim at increasing children’s concentration and attention and reducing hyperactivity.

The preparation to write

It is an activity which helps a child to hold a pen in a correct way for writing by tracking the trace of points.

Travel to Qatar’s landmarks

A trip by a plane to the most historical and tourist attractions in Qatar by wearing the glasses of virtual reality VR by the visitor and sitting on a plane’s chair, the visitor travels to several stations to know their history.

The Electronic Book

It is an interactive screen that makes the participants imagines as if he is browsing a book throuh which he is reviewing the most imprtant historical and monument landmarks in the state,in addition to introducing youth hostels, so the visitor explores the world in a passionate way.

Building a satellite

Blocks used to build a satellite with the best satellite put on display with the maker’s name.

Visual reality

Allows the visitor via the virtual reality to live the experience of sightseeing in Qatar as well as Stadium’s(Astad’s) Projects.

College of Science and Engineering

  • Enjoyment of Senesce:

Explore our various activities which develop attention skills.

  • Customized Digital Piano:

Explore the customized digital piano, learn about its various parts and enjoy playing melodies.


Pre-university Education

  • Historical Glance:

Join us to explore the heritage and learn the mystery of history via iPads.

  • Engineering For Children:

Join us to know more information about the engineering and explore the various tools used in this area.

  • Look into the future:

Use the board to transfer your thoughts about the future schools.


Akhlaquna (Our Values)

  • Values Wall:

Participate with us to write the values and ethics of the State of Qatar and its people.

  • Information Wall:

Explore contributions of the Akhlaquna Award for the State of Qatar and its people

Al Shaqab

  • Storytelling:

Enjoy a variety of stories narrated by the traditional storyteller.

  • Digital Horse Coloring:

Enjoy the coloring activities related to horseback riding on our platforms.

  • Horseback Riding:

Experience horseback riding through the horse simulator.

  • Photos Station:

Join us and take photos with our beautiful horses dressed in distinctive dresses.

Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar

  • Virtual Reality Experiments

Participate in a set of motor activities, including kayaking, switch on stationary bikes and various exercises using virtual reality techniques.

  • Health Awareness Platforms
  • The augmented reality platform. Sail in a virtual world to learn about the benefits of exercising sports and the role of healthy lifestyles in protection against disease.Ladder and Unhealthy FoodParticipate in the “Ladder and Unhealthy Food” Game and race through its boxes to reach the finish line.