The Social & Sport Contribution Fund (Daam)

The Social & Sport Contribution Fund (Daam) has been inaugurated as per the Emiri decree no. 44 for the year 2010, aiming at supporting the social and sports activities and enhancing sustainable social development, in alignment with Qatar National Vision 2030.


The contribution of Daam to the national initiative and projects comes as an application of the strategic vision of Daam, that aims at contributing effectively to the activities and initiatives which achieve social development and make a positive difference through a strategic support.


Throughout the years, Daam has been supporting various projects, within the sectors of education, health, sports, social development and others. These projects have contributed – thanks to Daam – to building multi-purpose infrastructure serving various fields. Daam being a major supporter of main projects and initiatives, is motivated by a sincere national responsibility and a complete understanding of its strategic role in supporting a life of a better quality for Qataris.