We Praise You, O Possessor of the Throne


Over the course of their beloved homeland’s history, the Qatari people have gone through the very same challenges faced by all peoples who believe that human dignity is a sublime value indispensable to the building of nations and civilisations. Across the generations, Qataris have successively inherited the traits of their forefathers, who, by virtue of holding fast to the faith, knowledge and work that illuminate the path for each generation, have been able to face and overcome different calamities, for the sake of their nation’s unity, prosperity and glory.


Before each and every challenge, that potential inherent in every Qatari has become manifest: firmness of purpose and positive engagement with difficult tests. Within every child and youth, and in the very being of every man and woman, there exists the firm will, whether on land or at sea, to expend every effort to realise the greater glory and strength of Qatar.


By living through various incidents and events, in times of ease and hardship alike, the Qataris have carved out the historical junctures of their epic journey, from their early state foundation until the present day; from the battles of Damsah, al-Hazm, Khannur and al-Wajba to the deterioration of pearl trade and other challenges, they have come to the firm realisation that faced with all of these twists and turns, their primary weapon can only be their faith in Allah. As such, with every line they have written in the story of their heroic fight, and every time they have had to face up to life as it really is, they have praised Allah for the determination and victory He has granted them, just as they likewise praise Him for the fortitude with which they have been blessed in tribulation and severe crisis.


At every historical juncture, and with every military, political, economic or cultural achievement or challenge, the firm will of the Qataris to traverse the road to prosperity and progress becomes only more resolute; for they have paved it with all manner of sacrifices, and with all that they hold precious.


Of all who have given expression to those sacrifices and achievements, perhaps the most eloquent has been the founder of Qatar, Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed bin Thani, may God have mercy on him, when he said:



To You belongs all praise, O Healer of the distressed


O You Who enforces justice against all despots and transgressors


And we praise You O Possessor of the Throne, the Dominion and Bestowal


And are contented with Your Judgement in every deed


Through gratitude when there is ease, and patience with destiny


And enduring calamities, and withstanding heavy burdens