Qatar Fuel (WOQOD)

Qatar Fuel (WOQOD) is the leading fuel distribution and marketing services company in the State of Qatar. WOQOD has the sole concession for distribution and marketing of fuels to commercial, industrial and government customers throughout the country, including Natural and Liquefied Gas; and Jet A1 refueling and related services at all airports in Qatar. The company is considered a pioneer in the GCC region to convert to fully unleaded gasoline and diesel fuel with the lowest sulfur content.

Our resilient fuel distribution network operates from North and South of the country, through a fleet of 242 modern trucks, steel aluminum tankers, airplane refuelers, and bowsers. Besides the distribution of conventional fuel products, we supply LPG to domestic customers using safer, lightweight and transparent fiberglass “SHAFAF” cylinders that are filled at the state-of-theart high-tech LPG filling plant. For industrial and commercial users, the company supplies LPG through tankers at customer sites. WOQOD is also engaged in the business of supplying bitumen to fulfill road asphalting and construction needs within the State of Qatar.

WOQOD provides fuel retail services through its network of state-of-the-art fuel stations. In addition, we provide complete auto care and maintenance services at our petrol stations including car wash, repairs, oil and tyre change services. WOQOD Lubricants have a complete range of automotive and industrial lubricants developed to suit all types of vehicles and industrial requirements.

WOQOD was incorporated as a Joint Stock Company on 2nd July 2002 with an Emiri Decree aimed at providing downstream-refined fuel storage, distribution, and marketing services in the State of Qatar. WOQOD Initial Public Offering was completed in 2003 and its shares are listed on Qatar Stock Exchange.