July 14, 2021

Significant role for sponsors of Qatar National Day 2021 celebrations

Every year, the Qatar National Day (QND) celebrations are received with much excitement and fanfare by all Qataris. These activities and events are cherished for their heritage, cultural and educational values, as they mark this significant national occasion. The QND celebrations help boost the national identity, and are held at a level worthy of this popular national event in the country.

Here, I would like to thank all our partners for their continued support and sponsorship over the past years. I also thank all entities and institutions for the contributions they have made to ensure the success of this great national event.

This is based on a long-term, strategic relationship between sponsors and the State National Day Celebrations Organizing Committee (SNDCOC). Some of these sponsors have been partners with the SNDCOC for nearly ten years.

Sponsors are keen to sponsor this significant annual event in the State of Qatar in support of enhancing their role and national responsibility to strengthen the Qatari national identity. At the same time, sponsors emphasize the value of participating in national events.

Hence, we extend an invitation for our generous sponsors to support the QND 2021 events, to contribute to supporting the activities that seek to achieve the vision of the State’s National Day, calling for the promotion of loyalty, solidarity, unity and pride in the Qatari national identity.

This year’s QND slogan, “Ancestral Meadows: A Matter of Trust,” was received with great enthusiasm from the ministries, institutions and various state agencies, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, represented by our embassies abroad. Nearly 60 state embassies abroad expressed their joy and anticipation at this year’s QND theme and activities. They all have our thanks and appreciation for their limitless support.

This year’s QND celebrations reflect the diversity of Qatar’s heritage, culture and tradition. The slogan captures these meanings so well. In this sense, the SNDCOC is keen to achieve further integration and diversity through these familial activities.

The Qatari flag will feature in this year’s celebration, further promoting and strengthening national belonging. It also embodies everything that reflects the meanings and values embedded in the logo, meeting the aspirations for the State’s National Day.

Ms. Maha Mubarak Al-Mohannadi,

Head of the Sponsorship and Communications Committee and Administrative Officer at the State’s National Day Celebrations Organizing Committee (SNDCOC)