October 31, 2018

Holding the First introductory meeting of the “Legal Basis” activity

DOHA: The National Day Organizing Committee held on Tuesday the first introductory meeting of the “Legal Basis” activity at Qatar Women’s Sport Committee headquarters.

It is one of the activities designed for the education sector.

The activity came from “Legal basis” initiative which was adopted by The National Day Organizing Committee and meets the National Day vision of promoting loyalty, solidarity, unity and pride in Qatar’s national identity.

The aim of the event is to raise awareness of the community to the role of the court, to establish the principles of justice and respect for the law. Also, the activity aims at developing legal awareness through staging mock courts to raise students’ skills in reading, building arguments based on information, and confronting people to discover the truth. The whole exercise refines students’ talent.

The activity is chaired by Sheikh Ahmed Bin Nooh Al Thani, and it is based on the idea of a mock court where students compete in front of a judicial body representing the court consisting of judges (three Qatari judges) and advisors, with technical elements such as (the accused, a court clerk, and prosecutor). Each team consists of five students.

The target group of this event is the grade six (Primary Boys Schools), with 5 students each group. The students who wish to participate pass through interviews that ensure the selection of the best applicants then the best eight schools will be selected in the end of the evaluation process.

The students are trained on judicial skills and the functioning of the courts. Then competitive rounds between the participating schools will be conducted to select the best schools which will participate in Darb El Saai.

Professors from College of Law at Qatar University will provide help in this regard to the participating students.

The preparation for this activity started on October 23, when the registration process started. The deadline for receiving schools participations is October 28. The best eight schools will be chosen on November 8.

The participating students will be chosen on the basis their fluency in Arabic, memorizing the text, good presentation, correct expression of meaning, self-confidence among others capabilities. The participation in this activity is strictly for Qatari students.