Qatar National Day 2021 Falconry Championship

A tournament organized by the Qatari Society of Al Gannas, with support from the Organizing Committee for the State National Day Celebrations for 2021, and with a large participation of falconers.

The participants are distributed according to the competition categories and the days in which it takes place. For each of the Daw categories, 10 falcons will qualify for the final race.

The National Day Falconry Championship competitions consist of the young falconer competition and the promising falconer competition, in addition to the Daw competitions in: Farkh Hur, Qarnas Hur, Qarnas Shaheen, Farkh Jeer Free, Qarnas Jeer Hur, Farkh Jeer Shaheen, Qarnas Jeer Shaheen, in addition to the elite run, for which only the top five winners Falcons (Wuhush) category qualify.