Qatar Charity

Qatar Charity is an international, non-governmental humanitarian and developmental organization, established in 1992, according to the regulations of charity work in Qatar. The Qatar Charity organization was established under a management that draws its inspiration from the values, principles, and cultural heritage of the Qatari community, to do charity work and participate in the international solidarity effectively and efficiently to tackle the most important humanitarian and developmental challenges that face underdeveloped countries around the globe. The top of these priorities is helping the children who are victims of crises and disasters, before expanding its work to include various humanitarian and developmental sectors.
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10:00-04:00 08:00 -12:00 .

Setting up a variety of events and competitions for children and adults from the attendance and linking it to the National Day from the perspective of humanitarian work in addition to cultural and heritage. It is presented twice a day in morning and evening. It also introduces the celebrities of humanitarian and community work, and invites society members to follow their own path. The public also get informed about external societies and the role of Qatari people in humanitarian work.

10:00-04:00 08:00 -12:00 A place dedicated to children beside the theater. It links the participant with the values of the National Day from humanitarian work prospective, so it fits with children in a practical style that is desirable to them so that children get information about education and health internationally, and how the Qatari people contribute to the development of societies. Interactive children’s corner
10:00-04:00 08:00 -12:00 The Suite shows the main sectors Qatar Charity works in in other countries, as well as showcasing various printables and videos from the field. In addition to a detailed description, according to the country and the projects. Qatar Charity Suite