Ministry of Defense

The Directorate of Moral Guidance at the Ministry of Defense (MoD) is the Directorate responsible for all activities of the Ministry of Defense, and it is the body organizing Darb Al Saai Events. The Qatari Armed Forces participate in the events and activities with live military shows, music battalion unit shows, parachute landing and hand-to-hand combat shows. The pavilion will include old and modern machineries, military navy and flight simulators, in addition to the Armed Forces Exhibition which is an interactive exhibition, where the public witnesses a variety of events in different rooms for each unit, including the Ground Forces, Navy, Air Force and Special Forces. Moreover, a mimic citadel of the General Command will be constructed including a time corridor for the Qatari Armed Forces from 1948 up till now, as well as a display of antiquities and weapons. Children can experience

training of the Special Forces by participating in passing the barriers bridges and descending off the tower, which is completely safe for children. There will also be a photography pavilion and a room specified for the children under the age of five. The Defense Pavilion is fully equipped to be compatible to comfort and safety standards for individuals with special needs.