Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Notes times Activity discerption Activity Name
Evening Morning

Awards are given to visitors taking part in the activities of the suite

3:30 – 10:00  9:00 – 1:00  The young dealer is mini experiment for the kids to start a business. In an effort to stimulate the spirit of initiative, leadership and responsibility, he is extracting a commercial/industrial register and drawing his project, and will then review how this project is manufactured in the commercial/industrial sector in an innovative way through a 3D or hologram screen. Finally, the final product that your child has drawn is displayed on a large screen with a background of Qatar’s landmarks. The young dealer
3:30 – 10:00  9:00 – 1:00   spot the difference in national product

figuring game: refigure a picture for Qatari product

smart shopper game

Interactive and e-Education Games
3:30 – 10:00  9:00 – 1:00  A miniature factory showing the stages of the product from a raw material to a consumer product, showing its various stages of manufacture The young manufacturer
3:30 – 10:00  9:00 – 1:00  A box with a screen, instant camera, and print machine, where the child stands in front of the screen and chooses the background she/he  like, so that the instant photo appears printed Memorial booth