Drawing, Coloring and Installation Games Corner (Puzzle)

The General Directorate of Civil Defense, in cooperation with the artist: Ali Al-Mulla, presents the activity of drawing and painting and teaching children to draw and paint.

Also presenting  paintings and drawings of the artist’s work

Rescue Police Department (Al-Fazaa), in cooperation with (the artist Hamad Al-Mutawa), presents:

The effectiveness of drawing, painting and teaching children on an electronic screen

The effectiveness of drawing, painting and teaching children, managed by Rescue Police Department (Al-Fazaa) with  (artist: Hamad Al-Mutawa(.
The General Passports Department (Office of Elderly and People with Special Needs) presents: The puzzle game – drawing and coloring for children.
The event of (Public Relations Department) provides drawing and painting activities for children.
The Criminal Evidences and Information Department (Following Traces Section “Jinah Al Athar”) provides: coloring and maze game activities.
Juvenile Police Department  provides drawing and coloring activities, cubes game and the right and wrong behaviors game.