Doha Film Institute

The Doha Film institution is an independant, non-profit cultural institution that supports the development of the film industry in Qatar by promoting a culture of appreciation of cinema, promoting knowledge of industry and participating in the development of creative industries. The Foundation’s platforms include funding and producing local, regional and international films, skills exchange, mentoring, orientation and film shows, as well as Ajyal Film Festival and the Qamra Festival. It is committed to supporting the achievement of Qatar National Vision 2030 goals in building a knowledge-based economy through its activities and activities aimed at supporting the development of culture, society and entertainment.

Time Event Description Event Name


3:30 – 10:00 9:00-1:00 Story making workshop using motion-stopping technology


A workshop on the basics of image movement and animation techniques through “Flibook and Zoetrope“.


The studio section is to introduce all that is used in the film production process







—— —— the most effective entertainment platform celebrates the culture of Qatar’s geekdom  


—— —— A multimedia exhibition showcasing selective works of rising artists and talented people living in Qatar  



ARC Gallery

—— —— By bringing the magic of cinema to the trail of the Courier, film programs made in Qatar will be displayed in an external display. Two selected films from “made in Qatar” will be presented in the morning and evening and also “Dari Qatar”. All films focus on different social, environmental, cultural aspects in Qatar and more. Each film tells a unique story that visitors of the range of ages and categories can engage with and have an opportunity to interact with their filmmakers.  

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